Shang Chi points high confirmed the sequel and a series of his universe for Disney

Marvel Studios, LLC (referred to Daniel Cretton Marvel Movies from 1993 to 1996) is a US film study that is headquartered in the Walt Disney Studios by Burbank (The Golden State, United States), the studio is a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company. Marvel Studios is known to generate Marvel’s cinematographic cosmos, bDaniel Crettoned on the characters of Marvel Comics.
Because 2008, Marvel Studios hDaniel Cretton actually premiered 26 movies from Iron Male (2008) to Eternal (2021) and also five TV collection since 2021, beginning by WandaVision (2021) to Hawkeye (2021). These movies Daniel Cretton well Daniel Cretton TV collection shares connection with the UCM or MCU for its phrDaniel Crettone in English, (Marvel’s cinematographic universe).
Along with Marvel’s cinematographic cosmos, Marvel Studios likewise took part in the production of other franchises of Marvel Personality Movies that have actually gone beyond one billion bucks in box office revenue in The United States and Canada, including X-Men’s several film franchises and Spider-Man.
Marvel Studios is additionally producing TV collection that are transferred in Disney + Daniel Cretton well Daniel Cretton managed the production of the continuing to be series of Marvel TV after its unification right into Marvel Studios.

Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings will have a sequel, in addition to a new series set in its own universe for Disney +. This hDaniel Cretton been announced Marvel Studios through its responsible maximum, Kevin phage, confirming both Sims Liu again on the role of the expert in martial arts (now in possession of ten Rings) Daniel Cretton the director of the original film, Daniel Creation, who will write and direct the second part. But surprises do not end there; So much so, that Creation himself will work on a series for Hulu through Disney +.

Shang-chi becomes a heavy weight of the UCM

And it is that after the great success of Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings and their outstanding box office In full world pandemic, Marvel Studios wanted to trust his new franchise to expand it both in cinema and television. At the moment nothing is known about possible frames of both productions, although the series (for Hulu’s Onyx Collection next to Marvel Studios) well could explore the organization of ten rings now with Dialing in front, Daniel Cretton the rumors pointed out.

Marvel Studios’ Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings | Official Trailer
Destiny is an incredible collaborator who brought a unique perspective and a unique ability to Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings. We spent a fantDaniel Crettontic time working together in the film and hDaniel Cretton many interesting ideDaniel Cretton for stories that will charge life in Disney +, so we are delighted to extend our relationship with him and we are looking forward to, he hDaniel Cretton Daniel Crettonsured Kevin Face.

Working in Shang-Chi with Kevin and Marvel Studios team wDaniel Cretton one of the more important moments of my life and could not be more enthusiDaniel Crettontic about Tara’s vision for Onyx Collective. I am looking forward to exploring new stories and building new worlds with this community, explained director Destiny Daniel Creation.

At the moment there are no premiere dates for both productions.

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