Fate 2 legendary weapons will have power caps in the future

It will eventually give a limit on how much a particular object can be infused.

Bungee Director Luke Smith returned for another Director’s Cut on chicks 2 I speak about seasons, legendary weapons and much more. The most effective decision from this article was that legendary weapons will be limited in the future. This means that they can not be infused beyond a specific attack value.

In the world we imagine, we have at the top of the top to make mighty legendary weapons. Legendizes that are simply better than other elements in classification. This will be possible us as the design room for weapons will expand and shrink over time. Items are entered into the ecosystem, can be infused for some seasons and, moreover, their strength can not be increased.

We hope that it can be easier to have something powerful in the ecosystem, instead of considering the viability of a weapon forever, if we create a. And these mighty weapons entering the ecosystem mean that there are more funny objects to pursue.

Currently, it is planned to make a legendary weapon via life for nine to 15 months. Of course, Legendary Weapons, similar to the franchise over the years, could leak to return at a later date or in an entertaining way to be returned by involving our community.

The more specific Kitty Gritty for this will continue a bit, but we wanted to think of them sooner than later. The simplest version of the functionality is: legendary weapons have fixed values ​​for how high they can be infused.

This current democracy does not currently apply to exotic weapons, as Bungee first wants to focus on legendary. Those who have expected The fate is the king expansion in 2015 will be familiar with this current process — weapons and armor of the first year were resolved essentially for the new extension. Bungee has performed a similar process at the start chicks 2 Although many exotics and legendary would reappear over time.

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Stay up to date if this process actually starts. Currently, the season of the worthy on March 13 should begin with the return of Osiris’s exams.

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