Battle Royale who will revolutionize the genre Beta Tests Super People started

Maurice George Carter (birthed April 24, 1913, in London; † April 2000 in Hurley, Area Berkshire) was a British movie marker, over 4 years of among the leading manager developers of English movie theater.

First Look - No Commentary - NEW Battle Royale - Super People - Strike Force Class - Alpha Test

About a month ago, we informed you about Super People — the game Battle Royale, which will revolutionize the way you think about the genre. According quote: > Wonder People Proudly Presents A Battle Royale Shooter That Will Revolutionize How You Think About the Genre. Well, it’s time to confront words with reality. This morning, the Super People tests began closed. People who have signed up ( or here ) and received invitations, can already enter servers. The rest of people must try further. CBT will last until December 27. In Super People, we play a super-soldier who, taking advantage of supernatural futuristic skills, trying to survive on the battlefield until the very end.

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