Activision continues in free fall Raven Software dismisses several of his employees without prior notice

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Activision fired multiple Raven Software employees

Activision Blizzard is crumbling little by little and more and more on the edge of the abyss. After cases of discrimination and sexual harassment, it is difficult for one of the most powerful studies in the industry to recover its image, and the last facts have only tarnished its image. It was during a discussion through several tweets that we learned that Raven Software, who is in front of Call of Duty: War zone, has dismissed without notice prior to several of his employees. The person who dared to speak on Twitter was Austin O’Brien, Community Manager of Raven Software, which is still, at the moment, part of the study.

This worker has denounced the study practices that had initially promised a salary reorganization, but finally chose to dismiss several of their employees, and more precisely those who work in the quality department; That is, the betatarsters. Subsequently, Jason Schrader, famous journalist of the industry, did not hesitate to talk and comment Austin O’Brien statements. According to him, the Actions of Raven Software and Activision are scandalous, especially when the latter advances The figures generated by the Battle Royale: War zone has generated almost 2 billion Dollars and this only in the last year.

Subsequently, he explains that he was in contact with half a dozen betatarsters of Raven Software and according to the various testimonies, they were called individually to know the sad news. However, others are still in total doubts as they are summoned for next week. This story barely begins, and we will certainly get more information in the coming days, but one thing is safe, Activision Blizzard’s golden age is well buried and its collapse and collapse may be approaching. It will be necessary to see if the company chooses the embarrassment or decides once and for all completely remodel all the company, completely eliminating all workers who have stained the name of the company.

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