DRESSCH Julian can not win UCL only after 2032

Mr. Dutch, you have been able to end your career in Dubai and currently still live there. How did you experience the time during the Corona Pandemic?

Christian Trash: Of course there are cases here. But the numbers are far not as high as they are in Germany. That does not work because the population density is not that high. Currently, however, the Expo is, which are very many tourists in the country. This will be asked one or the other time after his detection. But otherwise life is normal. The children go normally in the school and the kindergarten. The only restriction that there is wearing a mask.

Mr. Weber, how did the FC Golfing came through the Corona time?

Sebastian Weber: Essentially we have come through well. We were allowed to work fully again from June and play again from August. In this respect, this was quite positive in the current season. The only one we unfortunately had to delete was our Christmas party, which we had very happy to graduate. But sporty, we were luckily possible without greater restrictions on the place.

Do you assume that it will come to a longer interruption in the second half?

Weber: At the moment I would say no. We have to come well through the winter. I hope it starts again in the spring, and we get the situation under control.

Julian is a very intelligent person, that was already noted at school at the time.

Christian drinking about school friend Julian Nagelsmann

How satisfied were you with the pandemia management of the Bavarian Football Association?

Why clubs like Dortmund will never win the Champions League again

Weber: In the beginning it was very good. Also, the idea of ​​not canceling the season immediately, but to extend, was good. For this we have also pronounced the FC Golfing at the time at the vote. When it became more and longer and longer, I had the feeling that the association was very, very slow and only reacted. That was too bad.

Mr. BRANCH, gets a professional the problems of amateur clubs right now during the Corona Pandemic?

DRESS CH: Of course I have informed me what was going on in Ingolstadt — specifically, of course, with FC Golfing. We lived there before we went to Dubai and will live there if we go back. From this you are already busy with it. That usually gets every professional with. Everyone started small and everyone has to go over the amateur foot to become professional.

Do the big professional clubs need to support the amateur area better?

DRESS CH: This is a very complex topic. In Ingolstadt, for example, there are FC Ingolstadt, which of course can not support all the small clubs. These are just too many. This can not collect a club alone. Of course, we can talk about whether there is a fund from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd league, which supports smaller amateur teams. But you can not just say from today tomorrow: ‘Ok, the professional clubs are now there to catch the little clubs.’ I do not think so. In the long term, it will be necessary, especially if the game operation or generally the whole club life should be longer. But I also think that a lot has been done in this regard in the past.

Let’s get back to Dubai: Was the move to the Arab Emirates for you a Kulturschock?

DRESS CH: No, not all. Dubai is currently the place where everyone wants to be. You have a nice weather all year, even if the summer is very hot. Here people are very open. Nobody is imposed on a religion, and you can move freely. We have dealt with the culture, we dealt with Islam, we have some Muslim friends here. That’s why everything was not a problem for us.

How big is the difference to German professional football?

DRESS CH: The biggest difference is a mentality and attitude thing. You can play football — even tricks and over stood. Only if the ball is lost, is not declined. And since the football is also paid relatively well, many Emirate do not see the need to change abroad into the second or third league — which would be the highest of feelings in my eyes for most. The foreign players, you have to clearly say that make the difference in the emirates. Unfortunately, only four foreigners may play, which is good for the locals. As a result, you have 14, 15 native players. So you can drive the national football — not only the professional but also the youth work.

You stayed in Dubai for your career end, which is why?

Trash: Primarily, I wanted my children enable linguistic education here. This is a huge added value — especially the Arab —, these can not compensate financially. Of course, there was an aspect for me, just give me the time to be clear to me what I want to do in the future. I did not want to slip into any role, and they quit after three months. When I start something, I want to run through the complete.

What are your plans for the future?

Trash: I’ve decided that I’m going to do my coaching training in Germany. I would like to work as a coach in the youth field. But also explicitly in the youth field.

Why is the bar in the youth field?

Trash: I do not have to satisfy the claim or the target professional coach. I want my knowledge that I have gained in my career by various players with whom I played, and there were still some high-caliber, which were more than average by some coaches, this knowledge I just want to pass on to the youth. On making the coaches notes and easy to work with the guys, I’m really looking forward.

We have no Math Hill, but a sled hill. Who is also feared.

Sebastian Weber (AbteilungsleiterFC Golfing)

you have worked in Dubai in the scouting area.

Trash: I was employed by the agency Avant-garde and have met with some consultants, with presidents, sports directors to prepare contacts to Dubai. Especially for German players because but some want to change the end of the career still to Dubai or generally in the UAE Pro League. But I have it relatively quickly realized that I’m really missing the football.

As the contact for FC Golfing come about? They are already longer a member.

Trash: I have played as a child already repeatedly against FC Golfing. Since we live in Golfing, of course, was also the club activities (FC Golfing, n. D. Red.) Extremely important for our children. Sebastian’s daughter and my Great were in the same class, thereby we knew each other already. Also in the time when I was still active, I have now and then trained at the same. Amateur football is a bit different from the professional football world, it is not purely about the financial or about the need to distinguish itself somehow. But this is, I think Martin Harris it once said very nice, yet the true soccer. There are emotions in it, each skin clean, even if times a ball goes over the fence. My God, since you scolded not great about it, but it just goes on. Add to this that my best buddy from childhood at FC Golfing plays. And he has often said: ‘Come Simply drop by.’ So the connection is established to the football department about.

Mr. Weber, the aims of the association?

Weber: We spend the winter with the first team to third place in the county league. This means that we are within striking distance to the top. Accordingly, we want to tackle the second half with the help of Christian that we say, ‘Hey, one class higher we can play in any case.’ As we help an experienced soccer players such as Christian immensely, because he not only plays alone on a different level, but because he can entrain the other guys.

How far benefited an amateur club from the change of ex-professionals?

Weber: We have naturally attracted attention. There were a few interview requests and positive reports. I believe that the correct wow factor but will only come when Christian really runs Larger Stadium hearing aid us in. This is a great thing. Of these, our suburb, our village can simply benefit.

Mr. Trash, you have trained during the summer already with the team.

Trash: Yes. Unfortunately, it was quite Act until the eligibility was there. I would have liked to make a game already in the summer before we are back to Dubai, then it moves on to something. Nevertheless, it has made just super fun. The boys can kick all, they are ambitious and run all up to the point of no return. I try to use my experience. Maybe I see one or the other thing a little better than other players. It would also be funny if it were not so.

Mr. Weber, as were the first training sessions with Christian Trash?

Weber: He has fit in right away, that was not a huge problem. Christian has adapted, has had joy and the team has shared this joy of football. It’s great for us if someone has so much experience, just simply join in and assists. It was fun.

Mr. Trash, with your return to Ingolstadt, a new chapter begins. As you look back now on their professional time?

Trash: On the whole, I had a very nice career, of course, with ups and downs. I played national team and won titles. The 2010 World Cup would have been quite nice, I unfortunately missed. But otherwise I have to say I put a top career and also once again brought a foreign experience for myself.

Are there things that you regret? A missed change, for example.

Trash: Not really. Of course, the change is then run suboptimal from Wolfsburg to Ingolstadt. As a small football romantics I was hoping that we would rise again after the descent. Then a bit of trouble came in the club, which has then pulled a half years. In the summer preparing the following season I have torn me, even the cruciate ligament. But privately it was entirely correct, because the children have grown up with her family. From a sporting point maybe it was a wrong decision, but on the whole I do not regret that either.

Looking back, what was the best moment of your career?

Trash: This can not moor at one moment one. Of course, I have remained the DFB Cup victory and the Super Cup victory with VFL Wolfsburg strongly remembered. In Germany, it has unfortunately become far rarity a piece that other teams except Bayern Munich win titles. It is not a matter of course and that’s why it makes me very proud that I was part of that team.

My coach Alfons High once said, ‘Christian, from 50 games, you can call yourself league players.’

Christian Trash

At what companions you maintain contact today?

Trash: There are of course many of which are still good contact there, where I can report me anytime, just the other way around. For example, to Marcel Schaefer (sporting director VFL Wolfsburg, n. D. Red.) Or Julian Nagelsmann (coach Bayern Munich, n. D. Red.) With whom I was at school together and have lived together in boarding school, I felt comfortable in every club very much and took something. Friendships, but also knowledge of the football that I want to then pass on as coach.

You have to run with Julian Nagelsmann a small bet. Thus, Nagelsmann would get you an Audi A3, if he wins the Champions League before the 2,032nd

Trash: So small the bet is not (laughs). Julian had to end his career early. At that time, he has said in school: ‘Well then I’ll just coach and win the Champions League.’ This bet has emerged. The year before last, in which he stood with Leipzig in the semifinals, I certainly trembled a little. I wish him the Champions League victory with all my heart, because he has earned it. His path has not been easy and that’s why me, it would be huge that he is now at the point where he is straight. I’m concerned, he can but love to win only after 2032 the Champions League.

What do you and otherwise perpetrated Julian Nagelsmann still together?

Trash: We went to school together every morning, as there are obviously a lot to know. Julian is a very intelligent man, that you have already noticed that time in school. I have written often of it, at least as far as it went. He did not have the most beautiful script. We have hit every nonsense that you do as a teenager and of course with us was football first, not necessarily the school. We have made every effort to follow the path as a professional. When Julian has unfortunately health not work out, but he has proved it that to be also been without a professional football player, a great career can do in football.

When did you notice the first time that it could work with the professional career?

Trash: I always had the dream. Even when Is my first Bundesliga match had made, but I have not called myself a professional. My coach Alfons High (. Assistant coach master trainer Armin VH in Stuttgart, editor’s note) once said: ‘Christian, from 50 games, you can call yourself league players with 100 games you can you as See seasoned league players. ‘ That I will always remain in the memory. And I can only every young player, every professional players guessing. Not too soon lose the ground under your feet, but continue to work hard and just make the best of it.

Which coach has particularly affected?

DRESS CH: I can not fix this on a coach. Of course, it was Armin VH in Stuttgart. He gave me the chance to become a pro. But then there was also Christian Gross, which I found awesome than coach. There were Dieter Checking, with whom we won title, but also Felix Math, where the training might be more exhausting than anything else. But even from such units you take a lot with you. I have learned that the body is too much more able than you think and overcome my inner swine dog. You take something with every coach, whether it’s good or bad.

Mr. Weber, is there a Mount Math in Golfing?

Weber: (laughs) We do not have a Math hill, but a sleigh mountain. He was also feared with the players and was already taken to grinding.

How would you describe your coach the Logic as types?

Weber: Absolutely purposeful, absolutely consistent, when it comes to football for him, then he makes 100 percent football and attracts his entire team too.

Perhaps Christian Completely and to the replacement bench?

Weber: (laughs) It would not be ruled out if there were cabstands. No, Fun aside — Consequence is what the Logic is characterizing.

Finally, the most important question: If the debut was already celebrated below?

Weber: Unfortunately not yet. At the beginning, when only trained, we did not want to do it, and when the pass did not work in time, the time was missing us. But we will make up for the 2022.

DRESS CH: I would have liked to pay, but the game approval was just not there, that’s why it was not official. But I will come up with something good for the boys.

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