DOFUS 2 62 Go to the new area Nightmar of pests

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Fighting Pumpkin Pests & Diseases - How to Grow Pumpkins - Summer 2017, Episode 7
With Update 2.62 from Doffs, a new area appears: the nightmare of pests. Following the story told by the 2.60 and his atoll of the possessed, while concluding the general arc on the Elioocalypse, this extension is very special, starting with its access.

DOFFS 2.62: how to access the pest nightmare

For this mini quest, the recommended level is 200. You will also need to provide 120,000 Kama’s the first time. Finally, you will have to have access to Pandemonium (for this, simply recover a resource on the monsters present).

Step 1 : SE render the wearing pests. Note that from the 2.62 patch, a boat is available in Grammar. So, it brings you a little more without having to cross Mandala and Globe.

Step 2 : Cutting the pandemonium keeper’s quest. Players who have completed the area’s quests have a special interaction for skip at least partially the following steps.

Step 3 : Parler to all adventurers. Tour the port of Pandemonium (no need to access the second zone for now). It will be necessary to respond the 2nd option to all NPCs, then asking you 10,000 FAMAS.

Step 4 : Free a dream stage. The dream of harmony is obtained after the 200 + levels and has no automatic drop. To recover the resource (non-automatic drop)

Step 5 : Allen in [43, -58], then talk to the statue. Looking in his eyes, she will take you to the new area. You will not have to repeat these steps at each entry in the area, it will just be enough to talk about the statue.

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