Examination EM final could have ended in tragedy

The riots on the edge of the final of the Football Championship in the London Wembley Stadium would have ended in a tragedy when England had won against Italy. This is the unique result of an independent investigation presented on Friday in London. The 128-page report on the chaos on July 11 came to the conclusion that the fear insisted that thousands of fans could have stormed the stadium without admission ticket.

The author of the study spoke of an almost accident that could have leaded to death or serious injury, and made a reckless Horde of at least 6000 fans without admission tickets. The drunkenness, drug use, responsibility, the crime and abuse of innocent people […] were shocking and intolerable, Louise Casey wrote and called the incident a national shame.

The English Football Association Fa, which had commissioned the study, asked for and explained that he is fully accepting the conclusions of the study. As a punishment, the European Football Union (UEFA) locked the fans for England’s next home country in their competitions.

Casey, a member of the British Overhaul, said a majority of the problems had been predictable. It has failed to prepare for the worst, the police had been used too late. It recommended the government’s introduction of a special category of playing of national importance in which the safety precautions were tightened and restricted alcohol consumption.

Only 400 people were referred to the stadium, but it was feared that about 6,000 other people who apparently had little or no interest in the game prepared to storm the stadium.

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