FC Bayern Munich admits mistakes at Qatar

An annual general meeting (AGM, likewise recognized as the annual conference) is a meeting of the basic membership of a company.
These companies consist of membership organizations and firms with investors.
These meetings may be required by legislation or by the constitution, charter, or by-laws controlling the body. The conferences are held to perform service on part of the company or business.

FC Bayern Munich has focused on his members in writing and commented on the events at the Annual General Meeting. When dealing with the Qatar theme, the club guide confessed its own mistakes.

We were aware that the topic of Qatar had a lot of shores. However, we ask again to understand that we could not vote on an application for this evening, it said in the letter of the record champion, which also assured the discourse with intensify its own members. We want to find a way together, said the Bureau of the FCB.

Last Thursday, the leadership of the FCB for President Herbert Gainer was sharply attacked by the members present at the Annual General Meeting. It came to multicar states, Gainer out calls and shocked statements by Honorary President UPI Honey ( worst event I have ever experienced at Bavaria ).

Triggers of the events was a request submitted by FCB Member Michael OUT to tailor the continuation of the Qatar Airway Sponsoring criticized especially in fan and ultra circles, which expires 2023.

After the FCB had passed all deadlines to put the application for the agenda, Out went the way over the judiciary. However, his action was rejected twice by the District Court and Regional Court Munich, which is why Bavaria Responsible was right not to take the point for the AHV. In the end, Gainer broke the assembly under loud protest before the last registered word reports could be presented by members.

FC Bayern admits mistakes in handling the Qatar theme

Bayern Munich supporters demand club cuts ties with Qatar-owned businesses at AGM
In the handling of the topic, the club leadership now acknowledged against members, certainly not done right and assured, assured to have contacted those members, whose word messages were no longer considered.

For example, this had confirmed OUT, initiator of the Qatar application, already reported via Twitter and reported by a call by President Gainer. We have exchanged for a shortly over the AHV and remained so that we will lead a personal conversation to Qatar and the AHV. When this conversation will take place, is not fixed yet. But what’s established is that the conflict must be resolved, wrote Out.

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In writing the club leadership on Wednesday, it also said that first decisions have been made to improve dialogue with our members. Finally, one would now have to reflect on the common goal of making the club on the one hand to the most successful football club of the world while preserving independence at the same time. But you also need to think globally: This is the same way that we carry our FC-Bayern identity, our values ​​and our attitude beyond the world.

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