Tales of Festival a big book of 700 pages for 25 years

For his presidential and public return to the Tokyo Garden Theater, the Tales of Festival 2021 will not have been marked by video game ads this year. The commemorative event will have the opportunity to unveil the publication of a future massive work on the Banzai NAMC RPG series, and to crown a new character at the end of the usual popularity survey.

The 10 most popular characters

Tales of Arise - Bibliophile Walkthrough (How to Get Rarest Book)

In view of the rate, 16,000 yen (€124) all the same, the tales of 25h anniversary box set should in theory being one of the reference rimfires for the many fans of the series, which celebrated at the end of 2020 its 25 years of ‘existence.

This set of four A4 format books will identify more than 700 pages of the series dedicated to the innumerable characters, while offering the first official guide dedicated to Tales of Arise, the last episode on the date published last September. The small subtlety is that it will necessarily have to pass at first by the Japanese official shop to obtain the precious, knowing obviously that the delivery is limited to Japan. The exit is planned for late March 2022.

Since we talk about Tales of Arise, we note a superb breakthrough of a certain domain at the top of the popularity survey of the characters of the series, which probably had not escaped all those who started in the last episode dated. Premium to the newcomer obliges, it goes beyond the usual figures of the series, which has always emphasized the fan service and the male characters to seduce a wide bangs of the public and voters. The complete list (in Japanese) is accessible to this address.

Finally, no will not escape the plays inspired by the last component, a version on stage and in costume called talk of Arise Online Theater Liberators -Hope for the Liberation- which will be played on March 26th and 27, with Simultaneous diffusion around the world so that the fans of the series can follow the representation. If the casting is predominantly known, the identity of the Alp hen hero interpreter still remains secret.

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