Modests and 50 000 fans at Derby in Cologne

What agreed on Tuesday is now certain: Anthony Modest will be able to play on Saturday at Derby against Borussia Mönchengladbach. The bruise in the hip pelvic area — painful memory of a red-worthy foul of the Mainer Stefan Bell last Sunday — is so far declared that the Frenchman could complete the full program on Friday.

Late have very good performances

A special game will definitely be a lot for Marvin. The goalkeeper will deny his first Bundesliga game because of the injury on Time Horn. For his coach, this is not a problem, who committed as a Danish master of Broadly IF Hesse enjoys the full trust of Steffen Rampart: It was about the season to have two good goalkeepers in the squad with Time and Marvin. In recent months You can see that Time has become better and more constant. Marvin is who waited and trained well behind it. In the DFB Cup, he has shown very good performances. He now wants to do this in the league as well.


50,000 fans approved

For the game, despite the devastating corona situation, the Health Office of the Start Cologne issued the FC to allow the approval to leave 50,000 spectators into the stadium. From 10 to 13 o’clock for early stadium visitors, there is the possibility to vaccinate easily against the Coronavirus, only photo ID and vaccination pass must be presented. As part of this action, the three coaches of the Cologne Top Clubs, Steffen Rampart, Olaf Jansen (Viktoria Cologne) and Alexander End (Fortuna Cologne), appealed to the Cologne, to vaccinate as quickly as possible.

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