Sims 4 lets you take more influence on NPCs with neighborhood stories

The Sims 4 is a 2014 social simulation game created by Maxis and also published by Digital Arts. It is the fourth significant title in The Sims series. It was announced on May 6, 2013, and released in September 2014 for Microsoft Windows. Variations for macOS were launched worldwide on February 17, 2015, as well as PlayStation 4 as well as Xbox One gaming consoles worldwide on November 17, 2017.
The Sims 4 concentrates on its enhanced personality production and house building devices, as well as much deeper in-game simulation with the brand-new feeling and personality systems for Sims. The Sims 4 has actually obtained many paid downloadable web content packs because its launch. Eleven growth packs, 10 video game packs, eighteen things loads, and also nine sets have actually been launched; the most current growth pack is Cottage Living, released on July 22, 2021. In addition, many complimentary updates have actually been launched throughout the game’s life expectancy that include major attributes and also enhancements to the game, such as the enhancement of pool, young child Sim life stage as well as surface devices. Some content packs went through dispute from gamers as well as critics.
The video game got blended testimonials upon its launch, with most criticism guided towards its absence of web content and also missing functions contrasted to previous entries in the collection.

I Abducted My Entire Neighborhood in The Sims 4
A new update for The Sims 4 is on the way. With the new update, the neighborhood stories come into play in which you can intervene more active in the life of other NPCs. As a SIMS 4-designer now reveals, these contents should even be expanded over time.

When the neighborhood stories appear? The update goes live on 30 November 2021 and brings the content below to the game.

Take influence on your SIMS neighbors

What brings the update? With the neighborhood stories is to be hopped neighborhood Sims more life. These include all NPCs, but no special characters like the Tengelmann.

The new update causes you to change the life of NPCs without the budget needs to be changed. So you can instruct Sims to consider a change in life or consider them independently to change a change in life.

To the factors you can influence count:

Career change
Job search
Marriage proposal
Child wish
Relations with other NPCs

Due to the update, new endeavors come into play. Trusting neighbor / trustful neighbor causes, for example, that your SIM always strives to support your neighbors. The endeavor Common heartbreaker / common heartbreakers, however, ensures that couples are driven apart.

In addition to the free update, there should be a great extension that is in development:

more on the subject

The Sims 4: Further big extension is apparently in work

Extension of the neighborhood stories

The first publication causes you to actively influence the life of Sims, which are in direct contact with you. These include Sims that you met in the game or got to know when moving into the neighborhood.

What will bring later updates? With further updates, more decisions in the life of the neighborhood should be influenced. In addition, the bandwidth of the Sims should increase, on whose life can be influenced. The goal is that the life of all NPCs can be changed, even if you do not care about relationships with these.

Do I have to pay for the update? The updates are part of the basic game and thus accessible to all players in free. This means that some pack-exclusive features from time for friends and sustainable life will now be available for all.

You are asked: What do you think about the new update? Do you interest to influence other NPCs?

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