That s why you should take a silencer in COD Vanguard and not the lowering

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Call of Duty: Vanguard offers you 2 attachment opportunities for your shots to be seen while firing on the opposing mini map — mufflers and lowering ammunition. But if you really want to disappear from the radar, then you should grab the silencer.

That’s why:

Having opponents chosen the Perk Radar and their fires without a silencer or the lowering ammunition with your weapon, then see enemies on the map.
Similarly, it is with a reconnaissance drone and the PERK mind. Do you have the Perk, you are sure of the enlightenment despite drone, if you move enough?
Now came out: If you want to protect you properly before the enlightenment, then you need a silencer.

Thrown weaker than silencer

Which advantages do both essays do? Lowering and silencers help you with players with an activated radar do not see you on the mini map when you fire your weapon. But there are even more advantages:

Lowering ammunition
Hides you on the mini map while firing
No ad on the compass while firing
Attraction without disadvantages
Hides you on the mini map while firing
No ad on the compass while firing
Shots are quieter
No mouth fire

The fact that there is a certain amount of ammunition for this noise protection is brand new with COD: Vanguard. The essay comes without disadvantages, and it looks seductive, prefer to take the lowering ammunition and to have the mouth place still free.

But you should nevertheless put on the silencer if you do not want to be recognized.

Why are silencers better? Do you play Spirit at the same time with the strong Stealth Perk, then bring the silencers to do a much higher benefit.

Top 5 Best Attachments in Vanguard!

Namely, the YouTuber and COD expert TheXclusiveeace has found that Ghost is disabled for a full 3 seconds if you are firing with the lowering ammunition (via YouTube).

While you are not looking directly on the radar while firing the weapon, but the enemy reconnaissance drone will show you on the enemy mini map. A strong disadvantage of lowering ammunition.

When should I use a silencer? If you play with mind, then also uses a silencer.

Shortly after the beta, some players had the feeling that the mini map in Vanguard is useless. But in the full version, this looks very different. Constantly flying drunks in the sky and those are even stronger than assumed in the beta.

If you activate one of the two reconnaissance kill streaks, then you get the perk radar. If an opponent fires his weapon without silencer or lowering ammunition, the enemy can be seen while firing on the map and is then revealed by the enlightenment.

But you want to completely prevent it while a normal education on the enemy radar, then only the muffler remains. That’s why the silencer is almost duty for all players, which also put on the PERK mind at the same time.

Each cod year will surprise some mechanics with hidden functions or small tricks, but are important for your gameplay.

The more these tricks know you, the sooner you can secure an advantage over your opponent and bring you in situations that make the enemy no chance.

Suggests the info, builds you in your gameplay and shows your enemies tricks in the Kill cam, where even tank drivers veterans come into staunch.

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