Wow Patch 9 2 Use this feature to fly free in Zereth mortis

The great endgame feature in patch 9.2 by Wow Shadow lands is called Cypher of the First Ones (German description not yet known). This is a kind of forge the first. This at first glance incredibly complicated device must understand our heroes first and learn a completely new language.

The small robots called us Automa help us. Together with the cute mechano-quirurs, over time, we understand more and more about the Cypher (secret word) of the first and thus switch so more areas, quests and ultimately free flying in Earth Morris.

No fame grind more for flying in patch 9.2

With Patch 9.2, the story of Shadow land develops away from the pacts and focuses completely on the main feature Cypher of the First Ones. Similar to Parthia, we freeze new zones that are significantly larger than Parthia, and we are accordingly dependent on our flight mount.

How exactly the activation of flying in Earth Morris will play over the writings of the first, has not yet been known. Of course, we will keep you up to date as soon as there are more information about it. We are sure that some time will move about Treating to the country until we learn the language of the first and have unlocked all features including our flight license. Anyone looking at all the options of the feature will be literally killed.

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WoW, Patch 9.2: Use this feature to fly in Earth Morris (1) Source: Blizzard fed This forge with Cosmic Dust. The cosmic dust should be available from many sources in the game and should not lead to an endless grind according to the developers.

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