Kojima Productions announces a new division

Although until now Kolyma Productions has only delivered us Death Stranding, the company is ready to expand its horizons. Unexpectedly, today it has been announced that a new division has been created. However, Instead of focusing on video games, here we will see an address dedicated to television, cinema and music.

This new division has as headquarters Los Angeles, California, in the United States, and is designed to take the study games to other areas of pop culture. The team is in charge of Riley Russell, who worked at PlayStation for 28 years in positions that include legal director and vice president of business affairs. This was what Russell said about it:

The new division will have the task of working with creative and talented professionals on television, music and cinema, as well as with the games industry.

The team has as Statute the goal of expanding the scope and knowledge of the properties that are now being developed in Kolyma Productions, and make them even more part of our popular culture. Although we are a global organization, the new business development team will be centered in Los Angeles, CA. We are really excited, and we wish to work with the best entertainment talent we can, in all entertainment industries.

For its part, Ohio Fukuoka, Kolyma Productions Commercial Development Manager, mentioned:

Finding new ways of entertaining, involving and offering value to our fanatics is essential in a narrative world in constant change and rapidly movement. Our new division will take the study to more areas that present our creative narratives beyond video games and will open paths so that our fans communicate and immerse themselves in these spaces.

At the moment it is not clear which projects Kolyma Productions with this new division. However, the possibility of seeing various audiovisual productions focused on expanding or promoting the following studies work is not ruled out.

On related topics, Kolyma Productions has entered into the business of the glasses. Similarly, a rumor points out that the next Silent Hill is in charge of this study.

Editors note:

Announcing a new partnership with one of the most celebrated game developers in history

This new division sounds quite interesting. Knowing Video Kolyma, this should not be a big surprise, since the developer has always had a great love to the cinema. It will be interesting if original productions or adaptations are achieved with this new equipment.

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