Analysis of Helmets EPOS H3 Hybrid Comfort and Quality for the New Generation

When the new generation of consoles comes with the most ambitious visual characteristics of the moment, the audio should not be left behind. 4K and the large amount of FPS mean nothing if we do not have a sound system at height. That is why headphones have been put to work to get the best companion for our vicious afternoons, but also to listen to music or talk with our colleagues for Discord or TeamS peak. But EPOS seems to be ahead of all to get helmets at the height of the next-gene, proving an outstanding experience that has made me vibrate in all its areas. We will talk about the model concrete H₃ Hybrid, available in different colors and with excellent quality.

A simple but effective and direct structure

We will talk first of what is seen, the structure of helmets. While I saw a little reluctant for its size because it is small, I was surprised for good how different you see when you have it in your own hands. What I thank a lot is the outside of the headphones glued around the ear, since instead of the leather that leaves you full of sweat, it is a very soft and comfortable fabric that far from uncomfortable is pretty pleasant.

Something that I did not expect everything was that on one side of the headphones has a sound meter that is linked to the device that we are connected, so if we are seeing a movie, and we are away from the computer or the Command of the console, we can regulate the sound directly from our helmets. In turn, it offers another type of wheel that we can change when we want to choose the most comfortable one seems to us. 10 of 10. The only sticks that would be the buttons distribution, which in my opinion is confusing until you get used to the helmets. I also lack something more flexibility, but that is already much more specific and that does not influence the experience of listening.

Outstanding in any area

I am not an expert of sound or accurately when it is the level of quality of helmets as specifications, but talking about an average user who would buy these helmets I want to give a voice that is perfect for any area of ​​our daily lives. For the review wanted put it to test with different situations in which the helmets could be used the enormous majority of people. Mainly for the gaming there is practically no paste, it is absolutely recommended and perfect for almost anyone who is a player of almost any console. If you are a competitive player you can opt for different options that are specifically for that, but if you are not that case, these helmets are extremely recommended.

This is how Formula 1 helmets are tested

As for listen to music, I have tried with all kinds of genres : from David Guettas most party electronics to Anyone or Joey Bad $$, going through Reggaeton, Rock Progressive or even classical music. Although for the electronics it can be a bit thunderous, my experience has been excellent; But I want to highlight especially the good use of these helmets for the rap and bases boom bap. I think I have not listened to a song that with these helmets, causing my neck pain by moving his head at the rhythm of the base.

Also, for the most curious, I have tried it with two things that are increasingly seen. First try the audio 8d that left me at polled and believing that in my house they were putting music at full volume. On the other hand, the ASMR, a genre that is getting more normalized and that many people enjoy. I have good news, the experience could not be better and relaxation is absolute in the most satisfactory videos that you can find for YouTube.

Features that are appreciated enough

I think the characteristic that I thanked the most has been the possibility of connecting the helmets to two different devices at the same time. I think it has been what saved me more times, since I had to make several reviews in a PlayStation and I have been able to be connected to the computer listening to some presentation or simply in discord with friends. There are up to 3 ways to connect the headphones: by Bluetooth, by USB-C cable or by a mini-jack; The last option is the least used, basically because it is the one that gives me more problems in terms of compatibility and comfort, but the other two options are outstanding. Need or saying that Bluetooth is a salvation to avoid more cables on our PC, which has a 3-4-day dependence with 8 hours in each of them and their recharge in just 40-50 minutes.

Finally, I want to mention two problems that the helmets gave me, although I think it is something punctual and that of normal does not happen so this part is a little less generalized. One of them is the microphone settings, which outside this little fault is perfect, I had problems configuring it in Discord since I did not stop listening to myself in calls. Maybe its because of the configuration of my computer, but I have not been able to solve this problem yet. The second is the sound, which is not listened to absolutely nothing when the PC is silent, but when I start something with sound, it is heard a tiny and almost imperceptible sharp pitched background. It is true that if I am not extremely attentive, I do not hear it, but when I think about it, I realize that it is. But I repeat, this is a personal experience and probably not widespread, so I recommend to 100% these headphones for your day to day for leisure activities.

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