Season 2 of Arcane announced by Netflix

Netflix seems to have another success in his hands, or at least that is what his last instantaneous renewal suggests. Today, Netflix not only announced arcane season 2, but announced that the second season of the program is already in production. Unfortunately, this is the scope of the announcement. In other words, you do not know when fanatics can expect to see the second season, however, fanatics have some theories about what will be discussed after the end of suspense of the first season.

The combination of the end of suspense and its popularity meant that a second season was always inevitable, and according to our conversations with one of the creators of the program, it seems that the intention was always more than a season. In fact, there seems to be ambitions, if not plans, of more programs within the Lisa of legends universe.

I think the company has always wanted to allow players to spend time with their champions, not in combat launches, and who understand who they are when they are outside the battlefield, said Alex Yes, one of the creators of the program. And many people over time have really invested a lot of love and energy in making the world and the characters feel robust and three-dimensional. So I think its certainly wanting to explore more than those stories. As you said, of course, we are focused mainly on Arcane and learn what we can from that at this time, but I think everyone would be very happy to share more stories in many types of media for other champions in other regions.

As always, we will keep you informed as the situation evolves. It seems that, for now, all this is Netflix and company. I have to say about the second season of the program, but if this changes, we will update the story accordingly.

Arcane, created by Christian Like and Alex Yes, and starring Halite Stanfield, Kevin Alejandro and Katie Lung, is available to transmit only in Netflix and Netflix.

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«If you consider yourself a Lisa of legends fan, I think there are many things that I like here«, says a fragment of our program impressions. » Even out of seeing a series of interesting references and callbacks to the tradition of League in arcane, what really impresses me is the work of the characters and the narrative that has been shown so far. Like their praise on other avenues, arcane, it seems that it will be another achievement for Riot Games and shows that the study is very capable of continuing to expand in the field of television and animation, assuming that it decides to do it.

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