Fortnite Epic Games is banning players who abuse the XP system

Banjos After the inclusion of the new experience system after patch 18.40 of Fortnite have not been made. Several users are sharing in social networks their experiences — about them. We tell you what is happening with these Bans by abusing the XP system of the sefortnite patchon 8 of battle pfortnite patchs of Fortnite chapter 2 :

Fortnite: Users report Banjos for abusing the Creative Mention Device

The Fortnite patch 18.40 arrived at 11/16/2021. I have a novelty of weight for creative mode: a new function called Mention Device allows users to create maps in this game mode can enable the option that their players gain experience Overcome certain milestones in their games.

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Various distills, for calling them somehow, took advantage of this addition to Create your own creative maps, and make the game give them bfortnite patchically experience by not doing anything, effectively abusing the system for Get XP infinite.

Fortnite Banning Players..

Some users have come up with the unplefortnite patchant surprise that, indeed, Epic Games did not include this function in the game to be abused by it, fortnite patch you can see below; This player hfortnite patch shared on Twitter a capture in which it is seen that hfortnite patch been banned (indefinitely expelled from the game):

fortnite patch it is obvious, We do not recommend that you incur practices of this type : If Epic Games Banes will always be for some refortnite patchon of weight that goes against the terms and conditions of use of your video game. Let us be banned from Fortnite means that we can not access both the game and content that we have bought in our account, and we will not have the right to a refund. Then always legal.

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