Fortnite revises the spinders players say Is the unnecessary change at all

Infinite there are many features. Some of them are not so optimal, others again run so outstanding that they are still changed and adapted, although a change is not necessary. We from Mango show you what Epic has changed this time.

Which feature is it? This is the user interface short UI for the spend. This means the view in the game. In Fortnite with the lock access to your unlocked items such as skins, emoticons, weapons skins and more.

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There you can then combine combination of different fashion options so that you are unmistakable in the fight. After the patch 18.40, however, the system was changed so that it was not simplified, but was complicated for controller players. Players therefore wonder why this change was needed.

more complicated and not all about finished

How does it work now? If you want to change a certain cosmetic of your fashion combinations in your header now, you must now fight through your entire collection to push on the sort button.

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Have you done that, you can at least sort everything according to the alphabet, date, valence or even according to your favorites. The problem is that your sorting is not saved. So you have to fight for your favorites again through the jungle of your collection until you come back to the sort button.

Small trick can help: You can also shorten it by pressing Triangle or on the Xbox Y. This simplifies it a bit, but your sorting is not stored here either. You have to do this procedure every time you go over.

How was it? Before patch 18.40 was sorted in the UI in the spend with existing tabs. So you can easily change with the shoulder buttons between your tabs with new items, your favorites or even reactive items. This saves you time and unnecessary keystrokes. Now that was unnecessarily complicated for console players.

What does the community say? On the discussion platform Reddit many players spoke their displeasure about this change.

User Cyclone posted a post with the funny title: Epic Games uses the power of the zero point to make the most unnecessary changes to the spend. The post collected almost 3,000 up votes after not once a day and over 100 comments (booth 19.11. — 12:20 UHF via Reddit)

Players ask themselves below the contribution, which is why a change is made to a functioning system. There are enough other damaged features that require revision such as the group wire mode.

This only worked terrific and players loved this mode, but after a few unnecessary changes, players complained about the unreasonable situation of the mode. It is currently unplayable and do not fun anymore. Players would rather have wished that Epic assumes this problem.

Meanwhile, the PC players have no problem with it. You can easily click the sort button with your mouse and make your changes.

What do you think about the new spend system? Do you find it better? Or are the EPIC annoyed here a change to an already functioning system? Let us know!

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