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After months of speculation, yesterday, the second trailer of Spider-Man was released: No Way Home, which confirmed the return of several classic villains. As with this type of advances, multiple versions were available for different regions, and The advance that arrived in Brazil has a shot that points to the appearance of Today Maguire and Andrew Garfield.

Possible Spoilers below.

SPIDER-MAN No Way Home Trailer Every EASTER EGG + Hidden Andrew Garfield Revealed | Marvel Breakdown

In the new trailer, the return of Electron, Sandman, Lizard, the Green Elf and Doctor Octopus, with all the original actors resumed their roles. However, there was no trace of Maguire or Garfield. Well, maybe yes. In the progress of Brazil, can be clearly seen to Lizard being hit by… Apparently nothing.

This is clearly a change that was carried out in the edition. When the movie arrives, we can see clearly who hits Lizard. The most striking theory of the moment is that Maguire or Garfield were edited from this scene. This would not be a novelty, since this has happened with previous Marvel advances.

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However, the possibility of any other character goes here is not ruled out. We only have to wait until next December 17 to have an answer to each one of our doubts. However, remember that the appearance of these two actors has been denied on multiple occasions.

On related topics, here you can see this full progress. In the same way, these were the best memes that this trailer left us.

Editor s note:

While it is fun to do theories, it is better to keep our expectations low. The appearance of Today Maguire and Andrew Garfield is not safe. We only hope that this is a good conclusion to this interpretation of the beloved character of the comics.

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