Quali Hammer Italy Patzt Switzerland drives directly to the World Cup

TEC MO World Cup 90 is a video game of Game football published in 1989 by TEMPO. An informal variation of the game called Euro League included clubs from the old continent. A not so true to Game was established by Sims for the Sega Huge Drive relabelled as Team World Cup 92 and released only in Japan.

Italy has missed the direct qualification to the football World Cup 2022 four months after its glamorous EM triumph in Qatar.

In the remote duel for the overall victory in the group C with the point in the last match day, the Square Aurora played by a disappointing 0: 0 in Northern Ireland and the simultaneous 4-0 (0: 0) success of the Eidgenzen the ticket to the Gulf In the first start and must hope for a success in the playoffs in the spring. On the other hand, the Swiss can already celebrate their fifth World Cup participation one after the other.

Italy in Belfast was three days after the dramatic 1: 1 in direct duel with the Swiss Eidgengen the pierced chance of the prematurely jump to Qatar no longer.

The four-time world champion, who had already been spectators in Russia already at the past World Cup finals in Russia, most of his in his past summer still missed highly praised qualities.

Italy needs to thank Donnarumma

Rather, the team of coach Roberto Mancini was able to thank his goalkeeper Giannini Donnarumma, not to come back. Under the pressure of the information about the Swiss goals in the parallel game, the Italians were more and more hectic and could hardly bring the seats into a serious danger.

The Swiss Edge succeeded in Lucerne with five Bundesliga legions in the initial formation at first not the hoped-for leadership. But shortly after the break Noah Orator (48.) broke the spell.

The Augsburg Ruben Vargas caused nine minutes later (57.) for the decision before the Further Cedric Kitten (72nd) briefly set up after its substitution and a warned goal of the seats as well as Demo Freezer (90th) to 4: 0.

Italy sets world record after draw with Switzerland | World Cup Qualifying Highlights | ESPN FC
In the final phase, the attention of Coach Murat Akin players was increasingly giving the score in Belfast, marriage which the Swiss redeemed. In Qatar, Switzerland belongs to the twelfth time in the World Cup story to the circle of final-round participants.

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