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No, the pointer just did not want to turn faster, just as Slowcoach Otto Raphael had sincerely wished on the coach bank. Welder, which had been self-confident in the forest stadium as a newcomer and table fighter with one point, should experience a debacle. But in turn.

Flanders Pannenshow

At first, the self-confidence of the Bremen received further food, because after seven minutes Meier managed Meier s leadership for the climber, which had everything under control for 20 minutes. But then not only brought the own goal of Lander (20th) Welder from the concept. The replacement keeper guarded for the ground number one, the injured Burden ski, the goal — no good idea, as research of the NDR later revealed: Lander had concealed a car accident, the 21-year-old plagued a concussion, the Youngster grip in the episode even more often.

The Frankfurter protagonists: Botchers and Night weigh

Lander and his foremen also looked opposite an SGE, which bled the compensation powerfully. Especially in the person of the Botchers returned after five weeks injury break, which until the break has a loupe-purlin — his first in the Bundesliga — laced (24th, 40th, 43.). We played well today, said the Eintrachtübmer, you have to think back to the time of Wazowski and Wölzenbein, until you come to a game we have won in this manner. The then Nightweigh Rülander line suited: Contract as in old times.

We played in a real intoxication.

Norbert Waterway

Retail s sampling hope, as the only Welder actor in normal form, Sanders, for 2: 4 shortened (64.), destroyed quickly. For after that, the mischief broke into the Bremen first. The like Botchers as well as famous night weigh (both Nightweigh Rülander note 1) hit by double stop (71., 74.) to 5: 2 and 6: 2 — Now the view of the Bremen trainer probably went a few more at the clock. Only right when CIA (78th, then Raphael Lander exchanged) and nickel (80th) in the Frankfurt Storm vertebra removed to the second double strike. Man, we ve taken them apart, night wheel was amazed if their own attack vortex. We played in a real intoxication.

That s the harmony. Here you can win 2: 0 or capture eight gates.


Otto Raphael, who had counted

Whether retail had lost the overview in the end like his team? That s the Contract. Here you can win 2: 0 or capture eight gates. Because CIA also laced the double pack (89.), it became nine.

HSV makes half a dozen full — Cologne, Bavaria and Playback in part

Leader stay after the 14th match day of the later master HSV, who celebrated with six different goalkeepers a 6: 1 against Darmstadt. Twice three actors met with the victorious pursuers also: a Woodcock double pack headed the 3-0 derby victory of the seasonal table second Cologne against Düsseldorf, two times Crater met 3-0 of Bayern in Stuttgart and Mill at 3: 1 of the Gladbacher Against Bielefeld. Overall, there were gates SALT, the 14th match day belongs to 44 matches to the most terrible in the Bundesliga history.

Frankfurt-Bremen 9: 2 — Here you will find the statistics for the game

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