Zverev without chasing heavy group with the finals

Alexander Zverev vs Daniil Medvedev | Paris 2020 Final Highlights

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As the draw revealed, Deutsche Number 1 in the Red Group on Wimbledon finalist Matteo Regretting (Italy), the market-strong debutants Hubert Surface (Poland) and defending champion Daniel Mercedes (Russia), who recently at the Masters in Paris Zeal a teaching lesson in Tennis had given. In the green group, Stefano Tsitsihar (Greece), Andrey Ruble (Russia), Casper Rued (Norway) and Novak Djokovic (Serbia) are found. The ATP Finals will take place from 14th to 21 November. Djokovic can draw another record After twelve years in London, the tournament of the eight best players of the year takes place for the first time in Turin — and Djokovic can set another record. The world ranking learning has won the tournament hitherto five times and could be equated in case of another triumph with record title carrier Roger Federer. ATP Finals 2021: Participants, Mode, Favorites, TV

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