30 years later they find curious error in DBZ

The Dragon Balls (ドラゴ ボ ー ル, Dragon Balls?) [N. 1], known in Spanish along with dragon balls as well as magic balls in Spain, or dragon rounds in Latin America, there are seven wonderful artifacts present in the manga and anime Dragon Ball of Akira Oriya, being one of the primary subjects of history.
When they satisfy they are used to invoke a dragon that gives several desires. This invocation makes the sky on earth where they are turned on, cloud and also darkening. Its color is always crystalline orange as well as are marked with celebrities in its inside. These differ from 1 to 7 and are red, except in the definitive dragon spheres that are black. When two or even more meets, they begin to throb and also issue strong flashes at the same time. After the desire is met, they become straightforward rocks during the duration of one year.
In Dragon Ball GT, an additional feature is consisted of: all Dragon Balls have an own spirit and energy; Every time a desire is asked for this power, which by default is positive, it is reducing and increasing its unfavorable power.

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Despite being an anime focused on the fights, the narrative at Dragon Ball Z has never been set aside and as a result we have a story full of memorable characters and unforgettable moments. However, the work of Akira Oriya is not perfect and 30 years later, users have discovered a curious mistake that, apparently, no one had noticed previously.

Via Reddit, users noted that in the chapter where the Z warriors fight against freezer on the planet Name, Piccolo tells them to Golan and Krill in Flying as soon as possible. While in the first picture of the animation we see Krill in carrying the FREEZER army armor that you give them Veg eta, once you go flying this warrior brings its iconic orange suit.

This error is corrected later, but it seems that the community was more concerned about the fact that Golan took his time running away from the scene, instead of looking at what these fighters brought.

Editor s note: This only makes me think about what other things hides the work of Akira Oriya and that we have not discovered yet. Maybe they are minor details, but at the end of the day they are human those who work in this type of productions, so obviously they could have spent one that another mistake.

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