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Football Manager is the commercial name with which it is recognized to the continuation of the Champion Manager legend, that includes a series of computer game of football monitoring, in which the player works as a manager of a football team. This saga is developed by Sports Interactive, which starts to utilize the name Football Manager in 2004, contrasted to the feasibility of proceeding utilizing the original name. Football Manager 2021 is the last game of the series, went on sale on November 24, 2020, for PC, Mac, Google Stadia, Nintendo Change, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and also Collection S
In the USA as well as Canada, this series was sold as Worldwide Football Manager, as well as Sega Saturn and Dream cast versions. Those games were released by Sega, which incidentally, presently releases PC games, rather than Lidos Interactive, which releases Championship Manager (originally additionally of Sports Interactive) after the department of both firms in 2003.

The dazzling world of professional football experience at first hand! That is the promise of Football Manager 2022. Here you can finally help your favorite team to the sporting success he has actually earned. Champions League in Karlsruhe Wildparkstadion? In theory, no problem!

In practice, however, a sense of disillusionment could come up with some pretty fast. For the FM 2022 is not a FIFA-career mode. Here it does not work to churn just once a few million in new players and then shoot the competition out of the stadium — just because your on paper has the better squad on. Instead, required of you as a club manager, a good piece of work: Tactics want decided, created training plans, transfers bagged and talents are scouted for the next generation. That s a lot to do so. And then the whole thing does not yet see even from as spectacular as one has imagined in my head.

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The beautiful game?

Let s put it simply bluntly: No, the Football Manager is also in its latest issue, no eye candy. This is already at play in, where you can cobble together a virtual alter ego you. The managers avatars seem straight out of the Uncanny Valley. With their dead eyes, her pale skin and their non-circular movements, the things are more appropriate for the chamber of horrors as for an evening performance at the sports show. That the various beards look as if they had been designed with Microsoft Paint, now does not really help on.

The Manager avatars that created it with the help of an editor, looking very out creepy. Source: PC Games As the game progresses, it is only partially better. Did you choose a club and are (so to speak the main hub of the game) arrived at headquarters, once followed by cold shower? So this is the place where you will spend your next 1000 hours Manager existence: Menus via menus, a conglomeration of lists, statistics and graphs. A jungle of numbers and letters. In short, a feast for each Excel fetishists. The rest could be a bit put off at first, however, especially if the mass of content. The FM 2022 comes up with a whopping 16 Team areas that you call on a bar at the left of the screen can. Which are then again divided into dozens of other sub-regions. Because you lose as a beginner like to track.

Especially, since it does not give the whole screens only for fun. The Football Manager leaves you full control over your club. Accordingly, there is something to do everywhere. So much so that all tasks list here, would immeasurably beyond the scope. Therefore, we limit ourselves by only a select few, the team overview for example. Here you can watch your squad details. Mouse click gets you then quickly to the profile of a kicker including extensive performance data, it relies on the transfer list, drawn up development plans are new contracts or simply agreed to you for a chat. In the training area it represents, meanwhile individual drills together, formed mentoring groups, praised and criticized past workouts or looks like the intensity affects your units on the risk of injury. At each adjustment screw fine-tuning can make and optimize workflows.

The trend is your friend

Brand new with here is the data center. Here you can lead your team to heart you extensive, pretty prepared analyzes. How do you propose to you in comparison to the rest of the league? Shoots her fewer goals than the average? Perhaps you have a problem with long shots? The diagrams of Sci sports, a renowned international sports analyst firm, have ready the answer!

The graphs and statistics of the data center were developed in collaboration with the sports analyst firm Sci sports. Source: PC Games Well, at least it provided that understands how you have to read it. You teach the kind, while the Football Manager but are nevertheless honest effort. The developers Sport Interactive were of course aware that their game for newcomers can be quite overkill and therefore tries to introduce beginners as slowly as possible to the most important mechanisms.

This usually happens only by means of explanatory texts. If you negotiate a contract for the first time, you will have taught what the individual buttons for functions have. Which types of jobs are there? What are additional clauses? How does the salary of the employee affect your budget and so on. Then you will leave you for yourself. There is no actual tutorial that takes you by hand and step by step through the negotiation process. A learning by doing effect as in We Are Football does not turn. Anyone who has questions still after the introduction, so unfortunately remains no choice when the 20 chapter will result in a comprehensive manual. That s just the price you pay for full realism.

Milan or Madrid — the main thing with license

Because it is important in the football manager: In addition to nearly 200 countries that you can take over as a national coach, you will find you again over 100 lies to choose from — including exotic representatives from Latvia or Singapore. From Germany the first three game classes and the DFB Cup are represented, all relied on fully. You can not complain about the best will. Even if we are football even one step further in comparison. There s the five regional and the Bundesliga of women!

Also, a shame: Some leagues like the English Premier League are complete without authentic team names and logos. Here, however, the external editor offers remedy. With that you can easily tinker to Manchester United and Juventus Turin. Or you can download an adapted database of the community via the Steam Workshop.

It s in The Game!

Speaking database: Already the original circumference of the football manager 2022 is absolutely impressive. Thanks to a huge scouting network, the game contains more than 500,000 athletes whose properties, skills and development potential of hair make-up. Not for nothing some clubs use the FM to go in real life on talent hunting. Even for all club employees from the president to the physiotherapist, authentic profiles were created. An insane detailing lifetime!

Bock on a last minute transfer? At the Deadline Day try game consultant to make you a commitment of your clients tasty. Source: PC Games This is the title even in terms of red-to-date: in the Bundesliga you can actually switch five times, not only three times as it allows FIFA. You do not need to do without door Tomlin technology and the video assistant. Before the game, you will ask you the critical questions from Kicker and Sports buzzer in press conferences. After the game fans give their mustard on Twitter. So the Football Manager builds up an authentic virtual football universe in which you can completely lose yourself. Once it clicked once, when all the wheels interlock, and you can harvest the fruits of his hard work, the title develops an incredible so, from which one does not free itself so fast.

You can enjoy the FM 2022 but also in selected appetizers. For example, by simply handling a large part of the tasks on his employees. They then approach them in a new, weekly meeting with suggestions for you, which you can then implement quickly and easily with a mouse click. Even installation and tactics can be delegated to the co-trainer. Then you only have to take care of the transfers. They were designed with the freshly introduced Deadline Day Drama feature again a bit more exciting. 24 hours before the end of the transfer period, the user interface gets a completely new attack and is supplemented by a live sticker to current change and rumors. In your inbox flutter emails from player advisors that your clients still want to take a fleet to another employer. This causes everything to significantly more dynamics. The transfer sums that flow back and forth are also more realistic than in the past. Even if we could not believe that we could not find a buyer for KSC Motorist Philipp Hoffmann, who was willing to pay 900,000 euros to pay.

would have, threeskette

Also, new: the revised match engine. Which provides smoother animations and a wiser AI. The fully simulated games, fanning the-clicking but menu again to offer as a little more for the eye than it was last year. The graphic of FIFA shall ye course still do not expect the focus is at the FM 2022 but also elsewhere: in managing and Herumtaktieren. That you can do during a running game by its interchanges, dynamically changes your strategy or give by acclamation individual instructions. Also peppered cabin speech may even lead to success.

The Match Engine of FM 2022 was again reworked. An absolute feast for the eyes is the game but still not. Source: PC Games, but the preparation is much more important, of course, before a game: You can try to copy Liverpool counter pressing or Tripitaka of FC Barcelona. Alternatively you created on the tactics board your very own style in the unique 1-1-8 formation, provides the basic orientation to full offensive, in defense offside trap and on the offensive on edge till you drop. More control virtually not possible!

However, brings you all nothing when you have to, despite the perfect match schedule helplessly from the sidelines watch how your team goes down miserably against the bottom club. Without knowing so really why. Even after 30 hours we often feel the Football Manager 2022 (€44.94 Buy now) not to have understood completely.

From Feeling ago feel good

Game time is anyway a good topic: The FM 2022 is in fact a real time-waster. Several times a day, the simulation is interrupted, because you have to answer a vain email. In the games you can indeed switch to an accelerated text rendering, but do not jump directly to the result. So we (So as I said almost 30 hours) did not make it in the course of our testing times, even just to play a full season finished. And since we had not even tried the other modes such as the Fantasy Draft or online multiplayer!

One can confidently say so: Sports Interactive provides here really much game for the money. The question remains: how much of this is new? As you can discuss whether it is worth considering the rather sparse changes to spend again money is also open for FM 2022 at each annual release. Or whether the price of no less than just under 55 euros but one is not a little bold. Especially when you consider that a then-game purchases are imposed and to sell its user data and his soul to publisher Sega beginning of the game so that the appropriate one banner advertising can display.

Therefore, our conclusion is: If you want are new to the series, which makes with the Football Manager 2022 is absolutely nothing wrong. But who already one of the previous versions has that can remain safely in and just download a cadre update the community.

The Football Manager 2022 is published on 8 November 2021 Xbox consoles as well as via Steam and Epic Games Store for PC. It is also the title from Released Xbox Game Pass enchanted.

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The best game of its niche

The Football Manager remains a tough one in this year s edition. Those who are not willing to invest dozens of hours to get familiar with the intricacies of the game concept that is here quickly frustrated throw in the towel. FM 2022 is not FIFA, no We Are Football. He is not a light-hearted football fun for in between, but a hard-hitting full-time commitment that you demanded a lot of patience and a little endurance. The hard-boiled among you who bring just that, but he also rewarded with the best gaming experience that has very specific genre has to offer. Just a little more innovation would I have liked. When Sports Interactive are not careful, then here it depends on soon found in the same stagnation loop like EA Sports with its FIFA series.

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