The first collaboration with Montst TV anime Shaman King is decided Held from 12 00 on Sunday November 14 Asakura leaf Holohoro Rotas Taoren Hondayama Anna in the beast Godification character

Entertainment business brand FLAG developed by Dixie Co., Ltd. Informed of Hunting RPG Monster Strike and TV Animation Shaman King and Shaman King to hold from 12:00 on November 14, 2021, rice field.

Mix Co., Ltd. (Shibuya, Tokyo: Hero Timur) is developed by the entertainment business brand FLAG (FLAG) is a smartphone app Monster strike (Monster) and TV anime Shaman KING s collaboration will be held from 12:00 on Sunday, November 14, 2021.

The TV anime Shaman King is a full-featured work Shaman King, Shaman King, who broke up to 38 million copies, and is a full new work TV animation during acclaim broadcasting from April 2021.

In this collaboration, the popular character of Shaman King will appear for a limited time. Sherman Fight I ve been playing alone, I ve been playing the spirit Sakura Leaves, Hokkaido Shaman Holo, which has been in Hokkaido, and the history of China s history, Sherman s family, road (Tao) House s Maori Men (Taken), Lie sent s defective trademark Uremia Cynosure, Necromancer Faust VIII from Germany, Faust VIII, to leaf, take, who performs the spirit and spirits Okayama Anna will appear.
In addition, the collaboration quest has a girl Iron Maiden Jeanne, Iron Maiden Jeanne, Iron Maiden Jeanne standing at the top of Sherman River Dye in London, England, London, Royal Men (Taken) And so on. In addition, the event 強 ミ ション that appears during the collaboration period is clear, shaman Taking, which can be manipulated as Kings, and the campus apprentice girl who serves as AMA family, collaboration If you log in during the period, you can get the Shaman Chocolate Modern aiming at the world s best comedian.

Please check the Monist official site for more information on this collaboration.
Monist Official Site: 1.html

Major characters are ready and the first appeared in Monster! Sakura leaf Hoodoo Rotas (Taken) Okayama Anna in the beast Modification character

Collaboration character Sakura Leaf Hoodoo Doris Lotus (Taken) Umemomiya Cynosure Faust VIII appears in a limited time. Among them, Sakura Leaves Hoodoo Rotas (Taken) is possible for beast God. In addition, Okayama Anna is a character that can be obtained by purchasing Shaman King collaboration tater pack.

Character that appears in Geisha ※ Title abbreviation

Tree attribute ★ 6 Spirit of Sword Sakura Leaf (after Beast Goddess) CV: Yoko Hikes (Sakura Leaf), Katsuki Kolyma (Amid Mary)

Water attribute ★ 6 Own natural power hoodoo (after beast Modification) CV: Upper Yuri (Hoodoo), Natalia Ai (Cool)

Dark attribute ★ 6 Take Men (after beast God) CV: Park Mitsuki (Runs), Yamaguchi Keys (dad)

Fire attribute ★ 5 wooden sword Dragon Uremia Cynosure (after evolution synthesis) CV: Tanaka

Light attribute ★ 5 Necromancies Senile Faust VIII (after evolutionary synthesis) CV: Child Auto

[Character available in [ Shaman King collaboration starter pack ] ※ Title abbreviation

Fire attribute ★ 6 elimination 山 Anna (after beast Modification) CV: Hampshire Legume

※ Okayama Anna is discharged in the state after beast God. Please check the Monist Official site for details.

Character that appears in collaboration east (part) ※ Title abbreviation

Fire attribute ★ 6 Revenge River Dye (after evolution synthesis) CV: Sahara Proton

Light attribute ★ 6 holy, little, woman Iron Made Jeanne (after evolutionary synthesis) CV: Horse Yew

Dark attribute ★ 6 History of Two Thousand Years (After Evolution Synthesis) CV: Tea Idea

10,000 yen gift cord hit Twitter campaign from 18:00 November 12:00

During the target period, if you retweet the target tweets of the I tried to use to which the Monist Campaign Official Twitter posts, the gift code for 10,000 yen will be 15 people by lottery. Target tweets will be posted three times.

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campaign Name
TV anime Shaman King collaboration commemorative retweet campaign

[Target period]
November 12 (Fri) 18: 00-November 15 (Mon) 17:59
※ You can participate in lottery up to once per post. It can participate up to 3 times.
※ Each tweet has an application deadline.

· Full gift code 10,000 yen… 15 people (5 people each day × 3 times)
※ The gift code is App Store & iTunes Gift Card (Digital Code) or Google Play Gift Code can be selected.
※ © 2021 iTunes K. K. All rights reserved. ※ Google Play is a trademark of Google LLC.

Please check the following special site for details such as how to participate in this campaign.
Special site: cp shamanking

What is the TV anime Shaman King

A total of 38 million series Takashi Hirobumi Takashi s popular Comics Shaman King was originally a full new work TV anime during acclaimed broadcasting from April 2021. A story Sakura Leaf, a boy Sakura Leaf, who can interact with God and spirit, will participate in the battle Sherman Fight to determine the top of Sherman, and draw a battle to become a star king and chairman king. Is.

Official site: HTTPS: //
© Take Hirobumi, Romansh / Shaman King Project. TV Tokyo

(※) Lotus of Dotawuren is the correct notation 2 points.

FLAG will continue to provide a battle entertainment of Adrenaline fully open to enjoy friends and family and family.

Monster Strike

It is a refreshing action RPG that anyone enjoys the characteristics of the smartphone. We will capture the quest by taking advantage of the bounce and bumping to the wall or monster and bumping and bumping to the wall and monsters with a finger pulling their monsters and hit the enemy monster.. It is characterized by cooperative play (multiplayer) that can be played simultaneously with friends and up to 4 people. As of October 2013 offering, the number of world cumulative users frequently had 56 million people, as of October 2021.

Monster Strike App Overview

Game Name Monster Strike Category Game (Action RPG) Play Fee Free (Some Payment / Item Charge) Correspondence model (OS) [iOS] iOS 10.3 or later [Android TM] Android 4.4.0 or later (ANDROID TM) after Android 4.4.0 or later Not possible) Using method and Monist in each store [iOS] [Android] Apps / Details? ID = strike [Amazon]

Mini Group

The Mini Group is working on the User Spreading First corporate philosophy, and providing valuable value of the user s imagination and expectations. The Group has established communication services to enjoy with close people, such as MINI, Monster Strike, Family Album, Tipster, etc., Since 1997. From now on, in order to carry out the mission defined with Four communication (what you need to do), we will envision the future of people s life, and business and services that promote communication activation from the side of IT Promote and work on creating better communication.

Flag (FLAG) is an entertainment business brand developed by Mini Co., Ltd. In addition to providing a smartphone application monster strike co-fight RPG Ottoman Star Smash, etc., a battle entertainment of Adrenaline fully open to the world, focusing on games, anime, and sports, Adrenalin fully open to the world is sent to the world To go.

Mini, mini, mini logo, Flag, Flag logo, monster strike, Monist, Monster Strike are trademarks or registered trademarks of Mini Co., Ltd.

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