Eternals post credits scene almost included the brand new Captain America

The Eternal post-credits scene nearly featured one more superhero– Anthony Mackie s Captain America.

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Eternals - Post Credit Scene (Higher Quality)
There was a variation where Sam [Wilson] showed up at the very, extremely end, in one of the post-credits, yet I think it was something that… You re going to see these globes collide, yet it s gonna take a little longer than individuals are gonna anticipate, Eternal writers KAZ as well as Ryan First informed Display Tirade.

Plus, I assume in regard to the timeline, we just lost Tony, we simply lost Cap, Natasha s gone, Hulk is presently working on himself I assume to make himself human instead of clever Hulk, so I think that all the Avengers were simply quite active, they proceeded. I assume we re happening essentially simultaneously with Falcon as well as Winter Soldier, so every person s obtained their hands complete as well as I think you re gonna begin to see the groundwork has actually been laid for something that s gonna take place in a huge way soon.

The tease of groundwork is appealing, hinting that the MCU is once more developing to one huge storyline. What that is stays to be viewed as Marvel Stage 4 proceeds, though.

While we didn t see the new Cap in Eternal, he will be returning to the upcoming Captain America 4. Additional details on the project are completely under covers at the minute.

The final variation of the Eternal post-credits scene that made it to screen saw (looter alert!) the introduction of Harry Styles as Thanos sibling Eros, as well as Set Harrington s Dane Whitman cautioned off from touching a sword by none apart from Maheshtala Ali s Blade.

The next MCU project to hit our screens will certainly be Hawkeye, which lands on Disney Plus this November 24. In the meanwhile, take a look at exactly how to watch Marvel movies in order to get up to speed on the MCU.

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