Resident Evil 7 fan creates Diorama of a famous venue and it s wonderfully disgusting

A dirty sink full of dirty dishes, a crooking rolling roller blind, accumulation of garbage, wall panels, of which the white paint peels off — Well, which rest setting is meant here? Clear, the kitchen of the Bakers Resident Evil 7, which has already impressed many of us by the demos for the game. Now a fan has rebuilt this scene as a diorama — and that looks impressive lifelike and wonderfully disgusting. We ll tell you more about it.

gruel showcase

It s about it: The YouTube channel abandoned miniature is known for lifelike post-buildings of eerie places. Model are mostly abandoned buildings that actually exist. This time, however, abandoned miniatures have dedicated itself to a fictitious setting, which should know all horror enthusiasts, namely the Baker kitchen from Resident Evil 7. The result can be seen.

This is how the miniature looks out: On the cinematic shots, the abandoned miniatures at the beginning and end of the video, we almost might think that these are scenes directly from the game. The room center occupies the dining table, the kitchenette with fridge and microwave is on the right. Left are shelves and some boards. We also get an outlook in the gloomy hall, which connects to the room.

Here you can watch the video:

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However, the impressive thing is, however, how the fan has captured the degree of decay: everything is overdrawn from a dirt layer, everywhere swells trash out, the color flakes under dark splashes from the wall.

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Video Documented Tricks

Normally, the construction of dioramas mainly concerns precision in dealing with the partially tiny elements. However, the special additional challenge in this type of showcases is to age everything realistic and pollute. In the video shows and explains abandoned miniatures as that was achieved. For example, we see how the fan triggers the wallpaper carefully and fill the sink.

Abandoned ministers also explains that this diorama is slightly larger than that typically shown on the channel because it is designed specifically for films. How wonderfully scary that looks like the right light effects come and a sunbeam falls through the inclined roll to illuminate dancing dust, we see at the end of the video.

How do you like this extraordinary work of art? Would you like to set it up in your living room?

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