Pok mon Go How to capture DeDenne at the Lights Festival event

Ni antic and The Pokémon Company have begun this November 5 Festival of Lights of Pokémon Go, which leaves us Kilos a great protagonist to the expected Defense, the kind of electrical type and Fairy We met for the first time in Kilos. Those interested in capturing it, take note below all available methods and dates, since it will be a limited time and without the possibility of finding it in its variant Shiny / Tricolor. We know the details.

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Event Lights Festival in Pokémon Go: All Details

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The Pokémon Go Lights Festival event will be developed from Friday, November 5, 2021, at 10:00 to Sunday, November 14 from 2021 at 20:00 (local time). It will be during this period when we can capture Defense for the first time (Shiny will not come out) and when we continue the Hoop Special Research Story of the Evidence SeKiloson.

How to capture Defense in Pokémon Go

To capture Defense in Pokémon Go we must first take into account the dates of the event of the Lights Festival (until Sunday, November 14). These are the forms available to have us with him.

Wild Encounter : Defense will appear more frequently in the wild.
Field Research : Defense may appear — Frequency — when completing the field research tKilosks.
I raid : Defense will appear Kilos one of the heads of a star s incursions.

If we visit the store during these next few days we can see objects for Avatar bKilosed on Defense; From backpacks to stickers going through clothes for both male avatar and for the feminine.

We remember that the next day of the community is getting closer and closer. It will be on November 21 when we participate in the penultimate Community Day of the year. You can consult here all the details and who will be the protagonist Pokémon.

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