A playable demo available for COGEN SWORD OF REWIND

Notice to Japanese Games Fans in the spirit of Azure Strike Gun volt: COHEN: Sword of Rewind has offered a playable demo to download from Steam or via other online stores on consoles. A good way to tame the concept of time rewind before the official release of the game, on January 26th.

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(Official) COGEN: Sword of Rewind - Special Mission Demo Released!

In fact, it is indeed a question of taming play mechanics in a training level specifically designed for the needs of this demo, special stages that will differ slightly in the final version. Each part is subject to a time limit, but nothing will prevent you from using Kodak s powers, whose Icebreaker sword allows him to return up to 3 seconds back at the time of his death. It should be noted that this title developed by Gumdrops, Inc. will benefit from the Callebrissime Mo tote Sakura at the soundtrack. The Switch demo should also be put online in the wake of other test versions.



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