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League of Legend (Rolls) is clearly the most popular game in the world, but storytelling is always a weakness. Even though some story in this game is extremely rare, it was not easy to explain the champion, and the story is also possible. Despite the story, this problem was not easily fixed, even though Riot Games tried to solve this.

November 7th Animation Arcane, which is a new one, is a work that breaks this problem with the role. In addition to Bad and Jugs, Race and Viktor, Kaitlin and Hammers, each character, such as Hammers, as well as the story of the League of Legend, focusing on the League of Legend s entire world view, of course, Of course here

There are questions that many fans are in a different deployment, as long as there is a backyard, as well as the backdrop of the Arcane, as well as the back of the Arcane, as well as the back of the Arcane. As a result, Games Mecca met with Cristian Linger and Alex, a joint maker of Arcane.

Q. The recording was quite excellent. Have you tried to improve the sense of won?

Christian Single (hereinafter referred to as a Christian): I have used a long-termized release of this feeling that combines 2D and 3D. In the past MV, you could have been able to see a similar feature. This Akin was also able to feel the cinematic feeling in the big auditorium, but I tried to add the existing feeling of Riot Games.

Q. There were many large updates of roll stories. Can these contents be met as an animation later?

Christian: Ultimately, I hope. However, it seems to be decided to see the viewer s direction after the revealed Arcane. If people like, especially if Koreans like, I would like to produce many stories in the future.

Q. There was a lot of new characters that show a variety of abilities. Among these, would you expect to have a person who will meet you in a real game? If you have any character,

Alex (Alex): This part is a part that was sufficiently considered at the time of ACHAEAN. I wanted to bring as much as possible to animation. I tried to make a lot of Acein worldviews, so I was a lot of characters, not the champion, How did not I think about how to set up the relationship between champions and non-champions, but I did not intend to save all these characters, but I wanted to give a chance to be updated with the champion. Furthermore, I personally think that it is a good candidate to be a champion. If there is a difference in champions and character approaches in Arcane and Rolls, how to fight when making a roll champion, if you think about what the source of power is what the source of power is, there is a difference that it does not make the fight.

Q. The story of the Field Over and the trees is an updated feeling for a long time.

Christian: There is no delayed story update in both regions to Arcane. As the arcane was released, he thought it was now in advancing to develop the field of the Feature Over pace. This is also the goal of Arcane. This is because it is a goal to extend the Arcane to expand the story. Arcane, the individual story of champions will definitely change, but it is difficult to say that there will be much change. It seems to be able to do this by integrating the audience response and results as much as the first time to disclose the Arcane Story.

Q. I am curious about the reason for making unchain. Mucus and Marvels are likely to construct video universes, and seem to be envisioned by team-up content like Avengers. In addition, what is the final vision of the Cane?

Alex: It is difficult to see that the great inspiration in Marble is true, and the goal is to match. Roll IP is based on a living world view. You can not take any one of the champions and a regional relationship. Marble movies change the world view around the hero. On the contrary, the worldview of the rolls itself pursues change and has a great influence on the champion. If you change the worldview around the champion, there is only a static in the game and story. The part of Arcane was pursued by all the players, or just people who are interested in roll IP, and I wanted to make moments to enjoy. However, this level project is in the learning process that it will be the first time.

Q. How many years have to take ACHAEAN?

Christian: It took six years. It was a short time. It was not a scale, but it was not a scale, but it has been a large project, which has been discussed in the scale and expanding the scale.

Alex: When you feel real about the time, you will see the arcane when you look at the arcane, the Powder, which is a childhood, appears. Powder s voice recording was made in the early days. At that time, Powder Sung woo was a similar age similar to the powder, and this Powder s voice was over to the driving license.

Q. I knew the roll and knew each character s story.

Alex: Even if he did not roll from the early days, he was a person who did not roll the Akin, even if he liked Arcane. Korea may have different situations, but in the case of the United States, it is difficult to think that all the League of Legends does everyone. In such a situation, it is not easy to explain the story of the game to a friend or family. I hoped that Arcane became a work that replaces it. Those who have a lot of rolls are well known for the champions, but they may be good, but they may not know. How to make the player and non-player will be felt that they could feel it, and they tried to balance the person who knows the roll IP as well as the person who knows the roll IP as well as a job to balance for a long time.

Q. Why did you choose an animation for roll IP extensions? What synergy is expected to do?

Alex: The game itself has been an animation based on the most natural storytelling format. I think it is good to raise the advantages of the game. I thought it was good to melt the life of the game as an animation. Synergy seems to be more considered seeing viewers responses.

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Q. In addition to animation, do you have a field to create content using roll IP?

Christian: We are trying to expand storytelling even on the outside of the animation. Now it is concentrating on the Cane, but it will also have a storytelling in another way. Animation has chosen this method because there are many job experiences. In the future, I will be able to prose, but I want to be a distant future.

Q. Why did you choose trouble?

Alex: The reason you chose to choose a troublesome is that you are a good area to use as a starting point to connect with other stories. It was also a radical change just as the background of magic engineering was born. Through this, we thought that the balance of force was moving. I thought it would be good to solve the story about other champions and regions.

Q. What is the message passing through the arcane?

Christian: I thought about what to ask for any message to try any message. I think that the two areas of the Feature Over and the troublesome are not much different from the world we live. All societies are eventually confronted. Since the polarization progresses in any society, the difference in knowledge and opinion becomes more severe, which makes it easier to hate the other party. I wanted to ask questions about how to deal with my best friend, family, and spouse when I had a different direction in a political situation.

Q. Finally, if you left a word to Korean fans?

Alex: It was a pleasant time when I talked to a question with questions. I hope you look forward to the Rolled Cup finals.

Christian: Korea is a really important area for us. I know Korea is a Mecca of the game, and I know how many players in Korea are enjoying rolls. It is that it is that the success of the game in Korea is that it can be successful in the world. I thought it was important to make Korean viewers like Akin. In particular, Korea is wondering how the overall entertainment level is high, so it is achieved a response in Korea.

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