NFL Aaron Rodgers manifests itself after positive corona

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers has first reported to his positive Corona test. Rodgers confessed that he did not have vaccinated.

I realize that I m standing in the crosshair of the Wke -Mobs, Rodgers said in the PAT McAfee Show. His vaccine waiver, the 37-year-old justified that he was on one of the ingredients of the mRNA vaccine of Pfizer and Moderna was allergic.

From a corona vaccination with the vaccine of Johnson & Johnson, he was apart from side effects in acquaintances, as well as due to their own investigation. This included many studies in the offseason, similar to the study, which I hosted Jeopardy! Made or the study I made for the plan of a game, said Rodgers.

According to Rodgers positive Corona test, doubts about his vaccine status had emerged. Previously, it was assumed that Rodgers had been vaccinated against the Corona virus. Yes, I am immunized, he had said in August on this topic. There are players in the team who do not have vaccinated. For me this is a personal decision. I will not break the staff over these guys.

Now Rodgers explained that he did not lie at that time. If there was a connection question, I would have said: I m not a vaccine opponent who holds the earth for a slice. I m a critical thinker. I march my own drum in the clock. I firmly believe in the autonomy of the body and On the possibility to make decisions for your own body, and not because you have to bend yourself to a wke culture or crazy individuals who say one, you have to do something. Health is not a one size that fits everyone.

BREAKING NEWS: Aaron Rodgers Test Positive for COVID-19

Aaron Rodgers: Witchjad in the NFL

Rodgers also spoke of a witch hunt in the NFL. He accused the media to worry so much about who is vaccinated and who is not.

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Those who were not vaccinated are introduced into another category that includes some draconian measures and protocols to keep themselves. In my opinion, in my opinion is not based on science, but rather on a shame-based environment, To try to vaccinate as many guys as possible, so that the league looks better for the rest of the world, said Rodgers.

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