Upamecanos impressive reaction in Berlin

The change in the starting eleven against the cup debacle had nothing to do with performance or should not be understood as the plaster. This had already emphasized Chef Trainer Julian Nagelsmann on Friday in the press conference from his domestic quarantine, his assistant Dino Toppmöller did this after the 5: 2 victory as well. For the internal defense, this meant: Niklas Süle was firmly planned after his jokerrarp in Gladbach, Dayot Upamecano received a break instead. This ended after 67 minutes when the attacked Hernandez left the field. For the remaining season, the viewers saw again the strong new addition, which Konstanz has missed so far. With a great solo, Upamecano prepared 5: 2 by Thomas Müller, his fourth assist in the past three Bundesliga pairs and truly a strong quota for a defender. For UPA, it was important that he wins the first two-fighting, he did and done very well, said Toppmöller and praised, He has prepared the gate like an offensive player, as a tens. Generally, We did not break the staff on him on Wednesday and will not praise him in the sky now.

Probably the Frenchman will return to Benfica Lisbon on Tuesday against Benfica Lisbon, probably on the side of Süles. This time, the attacked Hernandez offers itself for a startTarf pause.

Nianzous too high error rate in training

Dayot Upamecano Vs FC Barcelona 09/14/21 (HD)

A clear sign was the prevention of UPAMECANOS at the booth of 4: 2 also to Tanguy Nianzou. With the leadership in the back, the coaching team could have also brought the 19-year-old French. His non-consideration shows that confidence in the talent is currently poorly small, only three Bundesliga inserts stand this season in his statistics, no one more than 45 minutes. Tanguy is a great talent with a lot of potential. I hold a lot of him and I realize that he has no easy stand. We will work with him so that he can be a real alternative, said Nagelsmann on Friday and explained in detail Why Nianzou currently does not: He has to move his error rate in the training games. It s about maximum seriousness and a good middle ground, not losing his courage. That takes time and development. As a soccerist good center-back, Nianzou drew much too, but it s not always good, which leads to errors that are normal at this age. With an offensive player, however, these mistakes did not have the lenses as with goalkeepers or defensive players. This negative experience has also had to make Upamecano, which is four years older than Nianzou and has a strong shopping over another standing. Why Toppmöller was correct with his choice in this deflection, UPamecano demonstrated impressively.

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