Sony wants to sell 22 million ps5 in 5 months

Sony has presented its latest fiscal report and unveiled its current situation, as well as the future plans of the Japanese company. It announced that the PlayStation 5 Alganized the 13.4 million units sold. And although this implies a pace of sales greater than its predecessor, the ps4, it seems that It is not enough for the brand, since its presentation of results of the first quarter of its fiscal year fixes a more ambitious goal: sell 22 million units for March 2022.

This objective could be affected by the effects of the pandemic that are still present. The scales of microprocessors and other resources needed for the production of the console, is a trend that will continue for a while. However, the analyst Daniel Ahmad, thinks that PlayStation can achieve this despite the adversities, because their numbers have not stopped growing, even when the percentage of the users play time Lownce by 17%.

Statements from Sony on Sits Game & Network Services Business:

  • Add on Content / MTX / DLC Sales Continue to Grow via PlayStation CONSOLES.
  • GamePlay Time Down 17% YOY, But Revenue Continues to Grow.
  • Expect Stronger First Party Software Sales Through March 2022.

  • Daniel Ahmad (@zhugeex) October 28, 2021

And although it seems that there may be considerable obstacles to reach the desired sales, the most recent, an state of play quite loose, the truth is that sony has a panorama, mostly, hopeful. Where the growth of 20% of its employee template, due to buy new studies, it is just one example. Its strengths go from the great success that their games and their DLC have, until the momentum in sales that will come during the premiere of Horizon Forbidden West and Gran Turismo 7. In addition, the report mentions that PlayStation has plans to launch very attractive offers in third-party games in March 2022.

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Editor s note: The business strategy of PlayStation seems pretty robust, however, its year s closure is somewhat sterile. Even so, it seems logical that they reach their goal or at least they are close to doing so.

Via: PlayStation, Twitter

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