Kreisliga Level 1 FC Cologne wanted to give away Anthony Modeste

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Anthony Modeste is currently the life insurance of the 1st FC Cologne. But almost the Domstädter had the striker attracted last summer – and for nothing.

After the failed lending to France to As Saint-Étienne, Anthony Modeste returned in summer to 1. FC Cologne. But on a further cooperation, the Effezh obviously had no interest.

As the picture reports, modests were stamped by those responsible as no more Bundesliga appreciably. Thus, the attacker was even mocked within the association. He also had been said to him Kreisliga level.

1. FC Köln vs. FC Liaoning - Highlights - Modeste & Co Keep On Scoring

Therefore, Cologne had been prepared to release the 33-year-olds free transfer despite his contract until 2023. Thus, his salary of 3.2 million euros should be saved.

However, a customer for modests was not found – fortunately for the 1st FC Cologne. The Routinian bloomed under the wing of coach Steffen Baumgart.

Modest thanks for coach Baumgart

In eleven compulsory games of the current season, modests already achieved eight hits and prepared another goal. After the 33-year-old already promoted in the Rheinische Duel against Bayer Leverkusen with his double pack to 1: 2 and 2: 2 to the big hero on Cologne side, modests in the DFB Cup follow the next double pack directly on Wednesday evening.

The striker star was only a few seconds in the square when he pushed in the 72nd minute in Stuttgart to 1-0 for his colors. The preliminary decision for 2: 0 followed only five minutes later.

The center forces knows exactly, with whom he has to thank him for his upswing: It s nice if you have so much confidence. I have invested a lot, the coach gave me self-confidence, and I try to return it, says The Effze-Knipser.

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