Halo Infinite is one of 343 industries and skybox labs in development video game, which is to be published by the Xbox Game Studios for Windows, Xbox One and Xbox Series. The game should appear 2021 and is the next main part of the Halo series. It sets the story of the Master Chief in the third chapter of the Reclaimer Saga, according to Halo 5: Guardians and will be the sixth game in the franchise with Master Chief as a protagonist.

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When I looked at 2021, it was a lot of new and a lot of new, but the successor to the popular series, remasters, and remake games were strengthened. I have a lot of more advantageous than a complete new work because I have been steadily stacked, and the famous, fan floor, and worldview. In recent years, the brothers who have been made in Goty, such as FIFA 22, Pacai 6, and Metroid Dreadded.

However, the climax has not come yet. As the end of the game industry s largest festival, more popular series subsequences are predominantly preaching. I am worried about how much the original title occupied by the GOTY in the year 2021. This time, this time, this year, a series of gamers in the sequel of the series to be released this year have been screened for six kinds of works. Please check it together.

One. Age of Empire 4

A strategy simulation, which is the subject of history, the Age of Empire (Eiom) series will be released on the 29th. Except for the remasters, it is the formal numbering title that appeared in 16 years. The graphics are not excellent, but the slow deployment and high completeness of Ei M unique is that it was enough to catch the heart of RTS core gamers.

Eosm 4 has a word that left the trailer through a trailer. As a result, many gamers have finally thought that EoM is a modern background. But this work is a medieval background. Instead, it is likely to put a variety of civilizations, inherent characteristics, deep techniques, depth techniques, and inexplain, and there is a good idea to have a good heart. I will soon be unfolded, and I have not been able to go back to the world again.

2. Call of Duty: Vanguard

Call of Duty offers a series of 18th works. The subtitle is Vanguard, following the WWII, followed by the second World War Background Call of Duty that appears in four years. In this work, we have been on the center of World War II and the special troops that were active in the art. Scale has also been largeer than the previous work. In addition to the western and eastern wires, it can be done directly to the African or Pacific War, and the world s leading wires can be done directly.

On the side of the game play, the physical force bar disappears, and the lowered physical strength was regraved to restore a little bit over time. The elements that can represent the irregularities such as running or firing mounting are also reduced. Thin walls have been able to pierce a gun or a knife, and the loading motion or sound is also realistic. On November 5th, I will be able to see the result of the beta test, and I will be able to expect.

3 . Forza Horizon 5

The latest feature called the Open World Racing Games, the latest, Forezy Horizon 5 is officially released on November 9th. It s a realistic graphic that seems to take pictures. There are many opinions that collect contents that can acquire stars or architects are blurred with the game when looking for a number of tourist attractions, and a collection of murals or architects in the background of the most spacious open world and Mexico on the background.

Unlike the previous work, Forza Horizon 5 is a new campaign mode added, and it is said that the complaints such as opening and closing the roof of the convertible model and the complaints are improved. Here you feel that more than 500 vehicles and more than 100 wheels, outer customization, and map size, as well as tightly pressing multiple additional elements in the game. Although it is always, it is expected that this time it will be available to show the form of Forza Horizon 5, which is released in the expects of gamers.

4. Football Manager 2022

I once called 3 major game, a highly addictive football simulation game, and the football manager has been new. It will be released on November 10. This work is important to effectively utilize the public opinion, such as rumors, rumors and conspiracy surrounding the players, and rumors and conspiracy surrounding the players. It is a game that is a game that is a game that climbs to the shoes, which is a game that is achieved by a certain position to make excessive oversbalance every year, this time it would have been written in a strategy, such as a definite position, such as a specified position or a strategy.

5 . Battlefield 2042

Large-scale FPS, rising icons, Battlefield series Latest Battlefield 2042 will soon be officially released. It is characterized by various factors that are differentiated from the previous work, winkhoot, and straw lines. Here, the users who can customize the direct mode and the main battlefields of the previous work are also accompanied by a favorable bone marrow fans. In addition, we have promoted the expectation of fans, such as actively promoting short films and key settings before release.

This is a lack of personality, and 10 specialists are involved in the university instead of the disease and system that was evaluated. It has been changed to perform a variety of roles in large-scale battlefields with their own unique features and special abilities. Although the beta test itself was dominant that Ho-piler was ridiculous, the possibility of returning to a more completed game through this feedback is fully. It will be released on November 19th.

6 . Halo Infinite

Halo Series 6th numbering, a game that symbolizes the 20th anniversary of the birth, Halo Infinite comes on December 9th. In the previous Halo 5: Guardians, the Heroes Heroes Master Chief s has a small part of the story and the part of the story of the story, will be the story of his story around his story. In addition, multiplayer is also a popular road. There is an opinion that it will be released without campaigns.

The characteristics of Halo Infinite are that it is a main combat method that utilizes weapons or vehicles in the map. It is a part that is contrast to the previous activities that spartan s special abilities accounted for an important position. Here is a diversification of the way to achieve the goals given here, and the combat best reinforcement that utilizes the collectibles that can be obtained from the mission. The graphics that are served through continuous updates are bonus. December 9 is enough to check the completeness of the work as long as it is released. Can Halo Infinite, Xbox s Phase, can you back up?

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