The illusionist became a new class in Dragon Raja

#dragonraja Dragon raja game install and files download பண்றதுக்கு இவ்வளவு GP தேவைப்படுமா ???????????????? part1
Dragon Raja is the loud PC mobile Dragon, which was created in cooperation with Epic Games. Ultimately, however, he was released without the participation of Fortnite artists. However, this is a secondary matter. The most important thing is that the last Update introduced a new playable figure – an illusionist (illusionist). This is a magic class using playing cards. The illusionist is a DPS-support, which, in addition to damage, supports a multiple buffa team, eg increased physical and magical defense; increased speed of movement; accelerated regeneration of life; elevated statistics on dye; Reduction of injuries, etc. Illusionist is a tenth class in the game: after Blade Master, Gunslinger, Soul Dancer, Assassin, Fighter, Reaper, Puppetter, Skatboarder and Phantom Sound. You play here .

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