Souldiers the debut of the Retro Forge Madrid study will be published in Spring

The Retro Forge Games studio has announced that its debut, captivator suldiers , will be published on Switch and PC in spring of 2022. You can see the trailer with which this release window has been announced above.

Posted by Dear Villagers, the French publisher that launched The Forgotten City or ScourgeBringer, the game proposes an adventure with exploration from Metroidvania, SoulSlike combat and a surfing visual section. Set in the fantastic world of Terragaya, three initial classes are offered in Souldiers (Scout, magician and archer, each with their strengths) to create a character that must face the enemies but also to the platform challenges that are for the Map, which is opening as you get new skills.

The luxurious pixel Art is a reason to put your eyes on this souldiers, of course. Facing details, the art of Souldiers seems heir from the best pixelated games of the first PlayStation, although ultimately it does not seem to need nostalgia to stand out for your own merit.

Retro Forge is a small team, six people, but in which several people have been counted with experience developing video games; Souldiers is your first game.

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