Paid game with a subscription or free game with pay2Win

Imagine a free MMORPG game (free-to-play) with free updates and free add-ons, which, however, has item shop and pay-to-wine, or objects (for dollars / euros) giving a real advantage over other people.

And now imagine a paid MMORPG game (pay-to-play) with paid additives and a monthly subscription, but without item shop and pay-to-wine.

Which of these games is closer to you?

Surprise was not. As many as 78% of respondents would prefer to play in paid production, because here at least we know what we stand.

We pay for a copy of 100-200 zlotys, we pay for the subscription PLN 50 M / C, we pay for accessories (PLN 150 usually once a year), but in return we receive a product free from microtransaction and all Pay2Win, where everyone has equal opportunities from the beginning to the end . It is damn important in End-Game PVE or PvP battles.

Only 22% of users would have to have fun in the Free2Play game with Pay2Win. What about the fact that the production itself and its contents are available for free if you do not determine the player s skill here, only the depth of your pocket.

And we know from autopsy that costs in P2W games are sometimes in thousands of zlotys (see former Runes of Magic). For such money, you could play in the titles pay-to-play for many years – and honestly.

Thank you for all the voices and welcome to a new questionnaire!

What do you think about Elyon?

Very nice game, I will stay here for longer

Typical medium

Big disappointment

I did not play and I m not going to play


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