Outriders now faces Game Pass catalog on PC

If his entry into the Xbox Game Pass catalog has allowed him to reach the 3.5 million users, Outriders was not yet in the PC offer. People Can Fly and Square Enix have corrected shot and PC players can discover their title now on their favorite platform.

Funny career than that of Outriders . Received by criticism, the title developed by People Can Fly Poles owns its popularity to its Game Pass catalog integration on Xbox Consoles. Square Enix claimed in May 3.5 million players who tried the game and even announced whoever wanted to hear that Outriders was is in the process of becoming a major franchise of his catalog. Still, in August, People Can Fly still waited for the payment of its additional royalties on the profits from Square Enix, a sign that the title had not yet managed to generate enough revenue to cover its production costs , distribution and promotion. The studio also reported not having sales figures and was to be satisfied with a ladle estimate, entre 2 and 3 million copies according to Sebastian Wojciechowski, CEO of Canopy Can Fly.

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The arrival of the title, even today, in the catalog of Game Pass on PC, will undoubtedly affect new players, but should not have a significant impact on its profitability. Finally note that players who already possess it on Console will be able to transfer their backup to this Game Pass version on PC.

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