Soulslike 2D Metroidvania Souldiers coming next year

Punitive game fans should be ready for the adventure of their lives. Future in the spring 2022, Retro Forge Games Souldiers merged a gameplay similar to that of Souls with Metroidvania level exploration. By focusing on action, aldiers allows players to choose from 3 classes. These classes include an archer, a spell launcher and a sword handling scout. These classes bring full upgrade paths and 3 completely different game styles for easy replay.

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Similar to other games Soulsborne, there is a movement of parade and dodge. The Metroidvania elements come from the Level Design. There is a decent amount of platform involved in the game and probably involves a multi-level exploration design. For example, players could be exploited in an area, some paths being unlocked by a capacity that is only granted to the player later in the game.

For now, we do not have much information about the game, which is disturbing with a launch date so close. The 16-bit graphics are incredible and we are convinced that the game will be worth playing for this alone. Just prepare your controller because historically, souls and metroidvania style games are difficult. These combined factors, the game could possibly increase your blood pressure.

The fans of the Games Soulsbourne will know an incredible beginning until 2022, with the exit of Elden Ring, as well as a Bloodborne potential remill and a PC output. Souldiers will come out in the spring of 2022 on PC and Switch. It is unclear whether we will receive ports to other consoles. PS4 and Xbox One versions are all that is needed, and new generation versions would be an additional bonus although they are not necessary for such a title. With enough time, the studio could do interesting things such as haptic signals and triggering to dodge and pare on the PS5. We will keep you informed here on COG as more information will be published.

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