Souldiers Dear Villagers Craque for the Jolis Pixels of this Metroidvania

At work on aldiers for several years, the Madrilène Retro Forge Games team has found a publisher in the person of Dear Villagers. And in favor of an exhibition on the IGN site, this is this Metroidvania now in the viewfinder of the greatest number.

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Aldiers takes place in Terraguaya, a world supposed to represent a transition step before you can go to the next world, except that the player and his compatriots seem to have arrived here by mistake since they are not No dead. What does it matter to explore an interconnected 16-bit world that looks pretty big as can be seen by setting the map of the typical Metroidvania places. The game will offer a variety of fight styles, variety embodied by different classes (scout, archer, mage). In any case, it will be necessary to develop the skills of its hero and recover an ever more efficient equipment, not to forget to comply with puzzles related to the environment. Souldiers will be released in the spring of 2022 on Switch and Steam.

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