Football Manager 2022 unveils some

It is in connection with the reaffirmation of the partnership between Microsoft and Sports Interactive for the integration of Football Manager 2022 into the Game Pass Consoles and PC that the British studio has delivered the first items as to the novelties to come in this edition. And amateurs of Data should be filled.

In the vein of previous mills, Football Manager 2022 will welcome a new neuralgic center: the data center, which will bring together all the useful statistics to better analyze the game of your team and your players, individually. For example, the latter will integrate new dynamic graphics, designed to make you understand the moments when the game has rocked (a palliative for regretted domination bar?) It will also be possible to request reports on well-known sectors of the game.

As for the tactical component, Sports Interactive has chosen to focus on adding a new position, the eccentric defender, who should give more latitude to those who want to see their team evolve between defense and attack, and Push a central in the middle in the possession phase. In addition, developers advertise an enhancement of 3D match engine animations, as well as an deadline day transcribed more intensely and reactively, to leave you more maneuver margin in the last 24 hours of Mercato.

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Finally, and because it was necessary to press specific versions of the Xbox Consoles, Sports Interactive specified that the version dedicated to Microsoft machines will be entitled to a redesigned interface for easier navigation to the controller, while a New Feature , the News Effect will allow you to enter at a glance if your last shares have had an impact on the club or players. Exit always scheduled for November 9, with a phase of beta envron two weeks earlier.

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