The Hearthstone Trophy is the latest plastic price to be broadcast

In the world of electronic sports and video game competitions, there is a strange tradition, or should I say a phenomenon, according to which the trophies fall into pieces once awarded. The latest one is the Hearthstone Trophy that was awarded to the Canadian competitor Eddie Liu when he won the title of Bucharest Master Tour. The trophy was given to him and when he went to lift him victoriously above his head, the jewel fell to the ground. Food immediately cuts commentators in embarrassment.

Everyone has the sense of humor in the face of the situation, perhaps because it is such a current phenomenon. Another Blizzard trophy for Overwatch collapsed when the winning team, Runaway, removed it from its screen. At the Junior Pokémon TCG tournament ceremony, a trophy for the finalist was beaten in the hands of a disappointed child. Another trophy broke out as the Hearthstone incident last year for a Rocket League tournament. Finally, a CS: GO trophy is divided into as many parts there are players in the winning team.

It s a good thing that these tournaments are mainly played for the price. It seems that tournament sponsors have taken shortcuts on trophies to maximize money rewards. They should perhaps invest in a welding kit rather than glue and faith. There could be a special broader American history sports show of this tradition.

Which of these misadventures is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: PC Gamer

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