The creators of Gears Tactics share the first details of their next video game

After the launch in 2020 of Gears Tactics, the British team of Splash Damage is already working at full capacity in its next video game. This has been announced through its official portal, where they seek to recruit employees interested in leaving their signature at a science fiction adventure belonging to a new IP .

We are happy to announce that one of our current projects is a new video game set in a science fiction universe created for the occasion. We loved working on IP established as Wolfenstein, Gears of War and Halo along These 20 years of history, but we also want to create own worlds as we did in Brink, Outcasters, and Dirty Bomb, explains Splash Damag in a statement.

In the image we can see a spatial setting that could be a track. Any more? None, so it seems that we will have to wait even enough time to discover what the also authors of Wolfenstein hide: Enemy Territory.

This announcement arrives in a year where it commemorates its 20th anniversary, time in which they have supported great sagas in the industry in different tasks. The last development was the remarkable gears tactics that we value this way in 3D games. Yes, it is possible that Gears Tactics ends up sinning from repetitive and little inspired by the encumbering of its missions, but stands out in its action not to present larger polka dots that allow it to move away from the expected quality of a brand product.

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In the statement of it they also speak of projects in plural, so it should not be ruled out that they are also working on some sector sector franchise.

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