Dragon Raja s latest trailer shows the occupation of the characters that the players will meet in the coming MMORPG

Dragon Raja (Chinese: 龙族; pinyin: Lóngzú) is a series of serializing dream books created by Jiang Nan.
There are now 4 quantities (consisting of 6 books) released currently, with an additional story titled The Wings of Lament (哀悼之翼; Āidào zhī Yì) and also released only on magazine Fiction & Illustration.

Incorporating dream, courage, determination and the real significance of friendship, the collection urges its young visitors to mature in a world complete of unforeseen difficulties. At the exact same time, it is a story about solitude. Meeting one s responsibility, in addition to securing individuals one holds most dear, is a duty one needs to take alone. Under the cover of heart-pumping, mind-thrilling experiences, millions of viewers locate guts as well as strengths in the series.
Considering that the release of the initial quantity on April 1, 2010, the series has actually obtained immense appeal, important recognition as well as business success in China, each and every one of the very first 6 titles of the series has championed the most effective seller checklist with more than 2,000,000 duplicates sold. It drew in a whole lot of young teenager readers, and also have actually remained one of the preeminent foundations of young people and fantasy literary works.

New details on the coming MMORPG Dragon Raja of Archosaur Games were revealed. In a new trailer we get an insight into some of the characters we will meet during the game. Dragon Raja will be on the road for iOS and Android in February.

The latest cinematic trailer – the one to be seen below – introduces us Luminous Lu, a hardcore player and heirs of a prestigious bloodline, which represents an interesting mix. There is also Caesar, the archosaur as an egocentric bellows describes from a rich family – certainly sounds like a delightful person.

We also meet Johann Chu, a college senior, which corresponds to the archetypus of firm faith of justice and almost expressionless facial. Finally, there is Nono, who has a strong will to go through things to the end, and Erii, who apparently do not speak, would do it, would the world be underwent, which sounds like a fair load to fairly be.

If you are unfamiliar with Dragon Raja, it is a MMORPG in a futuristic fantasy world in which you have the task of protecting the world from dragons recently awakened from a long sleep. The players are combined with a group of hybrids, who have taken forces from the winged beasts to better defend humanity.

It is certainly an ambitious title. Visually, it is very impressive and offers features like a day / night cycle as well as realistic light and shadow effects. It is definitely promising and when the game is successful in the gameplay, we could have an excellent addition to the mobile MMO-line-up on the horizon.

Dragon Raja can now be pre-ordered AppStore and Google Play. According to App Store listing, it should appear on 29 February. It is a free game with in-app purchases.

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