Pacman as Steam Gift Classic Retro Sale at GamesPlanet

As you know, GamesPlanet celebrates the 15th birthday this year and therefore organizes the big Anniversary Sale. Currently selected in Classic & Retro Sale selected classics and retro titles for PC to drastically reduced prices buy, such as Age of Empires 3 Definitive Edition, Desperados 3 or the Leisure Suit Larry Bundle. In addition, buyers of Games worth at least 5 euros getting the classic Pac-Man 256 as a gift.

What the Anniversary Sale at GamesPlanet offers?

The 15th Anniversary Sale is divided by GamesPlanet in Genre Sales. This time, the Classic & Retro Sale is on. Still up to 22.10. Selected classics and retro titles are available for bargain prices. At the Anniversary Sale, not only the Steam library for small money is filled, who buys action titles worth at least 5 euros, which also receives the cult game PAC-Man 256 from Bandai Namco as a gift. For this, you only have to enter the coupon code Iwatani at the payment processing. The PC game for Steam appears after successful payment of the order in the library in the GamesPlanet account. The Anniversary Classic & Retro Sale at GamesPlanet runs until the 22nd of October, 9:59.

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Which highlights offers the Classic & Retro Sale?

More than 250 PC games for Steam & Co. have dramatically reduced in the price of the Classic & Retro Sale by GamesPlanet. We definitely recommend the Age of Empires 3 definite edition, which comes up with two new game modes as well as improved features and modernized gameplay. For only 11 euros, the AOE 3 definite edition can be purchased at GamesPlanet. Strategy fans should not miss also Desperados 3 of THQ Nordic. In the wild west of the excellent stealth strategy game can already be dipped for only 15.99 euros. Fans of Larry Laffer We would like to attach the Leisure Suit Larry Bundle to the heart, which contains the series parts 1 to 7 and Magna Cum Laude and to have only 9.99 euros. However, this is a subjective selection of us, best look at PC players on the action page of the Classic & Retro Sales to miss a bargain.

Selection of the best deals for Steam & Co. from the Classic & Retro Sale

Age of Empires 3 Definitive Edition (Steam) for (-45%) 11 Euro
Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition (Steam) for (-45%) 11 Euro
Desperados 3 (Steam) for (-68%) 15,99 Euro
Leisure Suit Larry Bundle (Steam) for (-58%) 9,99 Euro
Quake 3 Arena + Team Arena (Steam) for (-53%) 6,99 Euro
The Sherlock Holmes Collection (Steam) for (-83%) 4,75 Euro
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy (Steam) for (-50%) 14,99 Euro
Anno 1404 History Edition (Ubisoft Connect) for (-53%) 6,99 Euro
MEGA MAN X LEGACY COLLECTION 1 + 2 Bundle (Steam) for (-63%) 14,99 Euro
Airline Tycoon 2 Gold Edition (Steam) for (-71%) 5.75 Euro

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Rainbow Six victories and other ubisoft games for action prices

Ubisoft Promo at GamesPlanet Source: GamesPlanet Next to the Anniversary Sale Classic & Retro with Pacman as a gift at GamesPlanet are currently still two actions with favorable Ubisoft games. In the Rainbow Six Victory promo, in addition to the standard version, Deluxe or Operator Edition by Rainbow Six victories are available to drastically reduced prices. In addition, you get in the ubisoft promo rich discounts on multiplayer titles like Trials Rising, Trackmania Turbo or Uno. Both actions are running until October 18th.

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Further savings actions and Flash deals are regularly available at GamesPlanet.

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16.10.2021 at 11:30

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