Dragon Ball Super Piccolo could get his biggest appearance in the new movie

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Dragon Ball Super comes back to the cinemas next year, with the new movie called Super Hero. On the New York Comic-Con, there was finally a first teaser trailer to see the upcoming strip, which already reveals some details. Perhaps coolest: Apparently, Piccolo finally gets the attention he deserves again. Maybe we see in DB Super Super Hero even his largest and most important appearance ever.

Piccolo could finally celebrate his durable comeback in Super Hero

Who is Piccolo? Piccolo is a Namekian, who has played an important role, especially in the early days of Dragon Ball franchise. He was initially an opponent of Son Goku and Co, but has developed over time to a good friend and adviser of the heroic troupe. For quite some time he has been in line with Son Goku, Vegeta and the rest but rather a shadow.

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What is that for a movie? After the hit success of Dragon Ball Super: Broly comes a further strip in the cinemas. The is called Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero and should start next year, so 2022 in the cinemas. All too much we do not know about the strip and his action, but the new teaser trailer from the New York Comic-Con has already shown some details:

10 Times Piccolo Was Heavily Underestimated (Dragon Ball)

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Piccol s big moment: As you see, Piccolo finally seems a much bigger role in DB Super: SUPER HERO. It is not just trained Pan (and his house can be seen), but apparently also appears as one of the first in a larger conflict with the mysterious adversary Gamma 2, which has apart on Son Goku, Buu and Co. That Piccolo becomes much more important again, would also fit that his character design has been revealed to the new film first.

There is not a fixed start date for the new Dragon Ball Super Film Super Hero. Also questionable remains as long as it lasts after the start in Japan until the strip then finds his way to us – and if he comes to the cinema at all. Since that at Dragon Ball Super: Broly at least for a few appointments was the case, at least the chance consists of it. If you need the right outfit for such an event: Fila brings a new collection Dragon Ball Sneaker on the market.

How do you find the trailer? Do you also hope for a bigger role for Piccolo?

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