Battlefield 2042 Finally the information of Hazard zone is unveiled Survival mode that brings out items

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A trailer for hazard zone of multi-play match FPS Battlefield 2042 planned on November 19, 2021, has been released at midnigon October 15th.

Hazard Zone plans to appear as the third content, Battlefield Portal , Battlefield Portal . About the contents, Conquest and breakthrough that appeared in the past series were greatly different, and it was only conveyed that it is not so-called Batrois.

In this time, the published trailer has finally announced the information wrapped in the veil. You can learn about the flow of games and the contents of the game. So, in this paper, we will introduce you to the image that has been published in advance in advance this time, and will soon introduce you!

What is Hazard Zone ?

The hazard zone is a survival multiplayer game centered on the squad. The player will be dispatched as one of the 4 squadrons and finds an important data drive that scatters across the battlefield, and takes place to take home. In addition, the battlefield may also collide with the same purpose enemy squad, which collects as many data drives as possible.

In addition, it will also fight with the life-saving occupation army to protect the tornadoes and data drives that will randomly attack as well as players. If the occupied army gets the target quickly, it will be done into defense. If the war is prolonged, it is necessary to be careful not only to warn you of the nearby enemy squad, but will consume our resources.

The purpose is not to defeat the enemy, but gets data drives and re-returns from the hazard zone. In the battle, the timing of escape will visit twice, and you have to escape using a transport aircraft before the storm changes the entire area to the flight prohibited area.

Extracted data drives are converted to hazard zone-specific currencies called Dark Market Credits and can be used to purchase weapons, gadgets, Tactical UPGRADE, etc. before the match. Besides that, Dark Market Credits is available by various actions. In addition, the specialist is set to Extraction Streak , respectively, and if the operation is successful, it will be 0 if it fails. When you get a high Extraction Streak, discounts apply when you purchase Tactical Upgrades and equipment.

Hazard Zone specific Tactical UPGRADE is 15 types , and some of them are introduced below.

Quick Drawor Star: 15% Replace Weapons
Heat recovery I: 20% quickly recovered
Internal information: Notify the falling point of the data capsule 30 seconds ago
Data storage: Data drive capacity +2
Strengthening of squad: An enhanced uplink that can only be used once a daughter can revive

Match flow

First of all, let s make a strategy and prepare the equipment. Get information in mission area briefing and check the descent point. Based on this information, select a specialist and use the Dark Market Credits to purchase weapons and gadgets, tactical upgrades.

Once ready, start from Exodas for a predetermined destination and rush into the battlefield. If you use the hazard zone-specific gadgets Information Scanner , you can reveal the approximate position of the crashed hygiene and communicate them to the squad. Before the dispatch, please remember one of the squads to be equipped with an information scanner. Also, in the game, hygiene including new data drives falls from the sky. They are very valuable and are expected to be intense competition.

Once you get a data drive, you need to escape. The first escape appears from the beginning of battle, and a escape zone appears in a random place. And if there is an enemy around the CV-38 Condor (transport aircraft) for escape, the battle will not be avoided.

If your sector chooses the next opportunity, you will visit 10-12 minutes after the start of battle. However, since all remaining parties bet on this last chance, the risk is very high. The interstitutes left behind without escape will lose all what collected. However, if you can ride a transport aircraft even one of the squad, it seems that the unit can earn a reward.

Specification of Hazard Zone

The number of players PC / PS5 / Xbox Series X | 32 people. 24 PS4 / Xbox One.
The map of the stage is targeted for all maps that appeared in full war .
The same specialist can not be selected in the squad.
If it is killed, he moved to the watching screen.
Dead allies are resurrected using Reinforcement Uplink and Tactical Upgrade dotted in the map.
Dedicated items are scattered throughout the map or purchased using dark market credits before the match.
Only two-part to escape from Hazard Zone .
A tornado will occur rarely on the battlefield.

Hazard zone story background

The space debris storm that occurred in 2040 causes 70% strength of the circle orbit. While a large power failure occurs around the world, tension is increased between Russia and the United States, who tries to make the cause of the cause with each other.

In the event of this event, temporary low-orbit satellites will be a new way to collect both information, taking aerial photography with these satellites, scanning an ID, such as scanning the ID.

Hygiene is launched and then dropped into the United States and Russian control area, and each region s occupied army tries to obtain information stored in the data drive. However, the information is very important for Norpat. So the player will be sent to each place to obtain an important data drive from falling hygiene.

Finally the new mode Hazard zone that the information was announced. The content is a survival mode that is reminiscent of Tom Clancy s THE Division DLC Survival and Escape From Tarkov , and the experience is waiting for the previous series. Battlefield 2042 starts to start on Windows (Steam, Epic Games Store, Origin) / PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox ONE, prior to November 12, from November 19th.

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