Corepunk shows new gameplay looks like the lol

The MMORPGCorePunk relies on an optics that reminiscent strongly at League of Legends. However, it also wants to offer difficult RAIDs and hard PVE content at the same time and to orient yourself to WOW. The new PVE gameplay presents how well this mix works.

What s the latest video? The Core Punk developers have published just 15 minutes to PVE gameplay. In it, 4 players together fight together as a group to turn off different enemies.

Among other things, the camps that the players can farm. Also a boss fight is watching. In addition, the inventory and the equipment are presented during the video.

The struggles act quite difficult and again and again the life points of the developers fall into the low range and in between even they die.

How does the video start? About 10 hours after the release, the video has just under 12,000 views and got nearly 1,100 thumbs up and 68 down.

In the comments, above all, the simple but chic interface, the combat system and the high degree of difficulty of enemies are praised.

Corepunk sounds like mix of Lol and Wow

Why does it remember the lol? Corepunk is played in the ISO perspective, as you know about LOL. The control and graphics also have a strong similarity to the MOBA.

Also, especially the so-called fog of the war (Fog of War), which covered the map and surroundings. Areas that you can not see directly with your character remain invisible to you. This mechanics is also known from LOL.

Where reminds Corepunk to Wow? The MMORPG should be similar to the difficulty in dungeons similarly complex, such as Mythic + in Retail WoW. At the same time, however, there are many mechanics reminiscent of Classic, such as:

Rivers requiring a specific level and much in-game currency
Corpse Runs after your death
There is no dungeon finder
Talents that can only be reset for money

Developers are also important that a large part of the content is designed for the endgame. 40% of the game should turn around the level process, 60% to endgame content.

What does corepunk still offer?

6 classes with 18 different specializations
4 collection and 4 craft professions, whereby the best crafter can also make equipment that appeals to the RAID level. But those who want to buy the equipment from the best cressers must personally address them.
Pvp in the open world and in special arenas

It is currently unclear whether there is separate PVE and PVP servers. Actually, the focus of the game is open-world-PVP, but the developers discuss the ability to bring pure PVE servers.

Is Corepunk a good pastime for players waiting for the LOL-MMORPG?

What has it with the LOL-MMORPG on itself? An MMORPG to LOL stands for many on the wish list. This is located on the game world Runeterra, which offers simply many stories and interesting characters. On the other hand, many players only trust a great company like Riot Games a successful MMORPG.

At the end of 2020, Riot Games officially announced a MMORPG to League of Legends. However, many details are not known yet. Officially it means that the players will not love every feature and that the release is still in far away.

Corepunk Gameplay Video #2: Hero Customization
Corepunk, however, could fill exactly this niche. Although it does not play in the universe of Runeterra, but both visually and mechanically it comes closest to this, which many hoped by the Lol-MMORPG.

After all, the developers of CoreZunk on Oldschool elements paired with modern technology and many PVP content. This is likely to address the community quite.

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When does Corepunk? The release was announced for the end of 2021, but the developers could not comply with the appointment. Instead, it should now give the first big beta test in December. But you can register on the official website (via CorePunk).

How do you like the new MMORPG? Will you try corepunk?

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