Electric Cupra Born Stromer in a sleek

Cupra is doing well. With the brand name, white spokeswoman Melanie Stöckl to report, meanwhile, many fellow human beings can start. From the Crossover Formentor, more specimens will now be sold as Seat and Cupra together from the compact golf cousin Leon to the man or bring to the woman. And development board Werner Tietz explains with satisfied expression that one must correct all the budget figures . In the coming year, sales should even be doubled, then 1.2 billion euros.

This should be done with the kind support of the Born. Thus, the first fully electric model of the Spaniard, which has emerged from the former study El Born and named after the Barcelonian district of the same name. Born in Barcelona, ​​nice to have sounded, the pun. But it does not meet the situation: The Stromer is born in Saxony. The production takes place in Zwickau, where the German brother VW ID.3 is also running from the band.

Submarch with sporty order

Cupra – for those who have not talked about – they are firmiert as Seats Submarch with the sporty order. For this she can demand a little more money to the customer. And this is the reason why the Born does not carry the Seat, but the copper-colored Cupra logo at the body. Because e-mobility still has its price, even if the boron (from 37,220 euros) minus subsidies at 27,650 euros.

Eyecatcher at the rear: The continuous coast-to-coast luminaire band. Manufacturer

According to the higher claim, the Spaniards could also allow the 4,32-meter five-door to position the optically coolest member of that family, which has produced the modular electric kit (MEB) of Volkswagen and to which the relatively braven VW ID.3 / ID.4 as well as the reasonable-solid Skoda Enyaq belong. Sharp lines, side skirts, diffuser and spoiler, including the continuous coast-to-coast lighting on the stern, slight lowering and optional 235 millimeters wide tires on 20-inch alur wheels – all these ingredients should signal that electric cars also sexy can be, as Cupra finds.

Three power levels, three battery sizes

Similar to ID.3, the Born goes its career with rear drive, in three power levels and with three battery sizes. The market launch in November he completes – for the aforementioned price – with 150 kW / 204 hp power, 310 Newton meters torque and 58 kWh battery capacity, the WLTP range is 424 kilometers. At the beginning of next year, the actual beginner joins 110 kW / 150 hp and 45 kWh (340 kilometers). And there are two so-called e-boost versions that mobilize additional 20 kW by pressing the Cupra knob on the steering wheel or kickdown and bring it to 170 kW / 231 hp. The power plus has only half a minute long, but is in certain situations – for example, if it is supposed to go excitably when overtaking – still makes sense; The sprint from 0 to 100 km / h then takes place in 6.6 seconds. How far the battery brings the two e-boosters depends on the chosen capacity, 420 kilometers are 58 kWh, stately 540 kilometers at 77 kWh.

Looking into the cockpit: The Cupra button on the left side of the steering wheel activates the sporty Cupra mode, the right is used to select the remaining driving programs. Manufacturer

You have respect for the environment, says Juan Melenchon from the design team. The eco-overall package also includes that the Born is delivered CO2-neutral, which means that, inter alia, energy from renewable sources can be used along the supply chain, but also that the standard and other excellent sports peel seats are related to Seaqual Material made of recycled sea plastic. Optionally, Cupra Dimamica, a microfaste also made of recycled materials. Leather is increasingly frowned in the new car world, even the born also wears it on the steering wheel. Cupra is a young brand, says interior designer Francesca Sangalli, and young customers have another access to the car, leather is no longer a code for a sportiness .

Radical Full Digitalization

In principle, the cockpit layout corresponds to that of the ID.3, radical full digitization, in addition to the driver s display, a 12-inch touch screen gives the infotainment messages that are driving steps of input automatic – including the only recuperation stage b – over one Rotary satellites on the steering wheel selected, the optional head-up display conjures three-dimensional directional arrows on the road via augmented reality technology. Unfortunately, the Born has inherited the unpleasant touch sliders for temperature and volume.

Luggage compartment: At least 385 liters fit in here. Manufacturer

After all, however, Cupra succeeded in successfully creating a high-quality ambience with athletic touch, in contrast to the oscienced plastic-east of ID.3. And even in driving behavior, the maximum of 160 km / h of fast boron. The sports suspension is approaching the asphalt at the front axle by 15, at the back by 10 millimeters more, as well as adaptive suspension control as well as the progressive steering support. With the participation of the low center of gravity, the uniform balanced 50: 50 weight distribution and not synthetic steering feeling, crisp-sporting activities are possible, and the suspension comfort has convinced us.

fast shop up to 170 kW

AC (AC) from the Wallbox gets the Born with up to 11 kW, which on the long-haul sought-after discipline of the fast shop (DC) he masters model-dependent with a maximum of 110, 120 or 170 kW. Ideally, Cupra says, then rich seven minutes to follow up energy for 100 kilometers of route.

The language assistance reports on the call Hola Hola to service. And before it went to Zwickau production, design and development of the new Straper in the Catalan Martorell. So wrong is the matter with Born in Barcelona but not.

Cupra Born shortly:

When he comes: Market start in November

Who he s visual: VW ID.3, Skoda Enyaq, Hyundai Ioniq 5, Kia Ev6, Renault Mégane E-Tech

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What drives him: Electric motor with 150 kW / 204 hp

What he costs: from 37,220 euros

What follows: At the beginning of 2022 the basic model with 110 kW / 150 hp and e-boost versions with 170 kW / 231 hp

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